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Committee Members

Yih-Mei Hu, Chair and SLO Course Coordinator
Cheryl Pearson, Program Pathway Coordinator
Rafael Arias, GE Pathway
Patrick Hunter, Foundational Pathway
Cynthia Cohen, Faculty At-Large
Reginald Hubbard, Faculty At-Large
Michelle Fowles, Institutional Effectiveness
Matthew Jordan, Academic Affairs
Farouk Ajibola, ASU
Vacant, CTE Pathway
Vacant, Administrative Services
Vacant, Student Services

Resource Members:
Edgar Perez, Curriculum Chair
Christina Peter, PEPC Chair



Outcomes Assessment Committee (OAC)

Outcomes Assessment Committee (OAC)



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Effective as of April 19, 2021, this site may no longer be maintained or updated. Please use the links above to access current committee information.

Welcome to the LAVC Outcomes Assessment Committee Website!

This site provides information for creating and assessing SLOs, as well as training resources for eLumen.

In 2002, the Accrediting Commission for Community and Junior Colleges (ACCJC) established new accreditation guidelines focusing on Student Learning Outcomes (SLOs). Under these guidelines, success is seen as students leaving courses and programs with integrated higher learning skills that they can demonstrate.  Faculty are required to define SLOs for each course and program, design assessments that will allow students to demonstrate what they learned, evaluate those assessments, and use the information for improvement.  In addition, every area on campus needs to define and assess how what they do contributes to student learning, either directly through SLOs or indirectly through service outcomes.

All courses must be assessed according to the department assessment plan (DAP) at least once during each cycle below :

  • Cycle 1: Ended Spring 2014
  • Cycle 2: Fall 2014 through Spring 2017
  • Cycle 3: Fall 2017 through Spring 2020
  • Cycle 4: Fall 2020 through Spring 2023
  • Cycle 5: Fall 2023 through Spring 2026

Mission Statement

The Outcomes Assessment Committee oversees and coordinates SLO efforts at the campus level. Responsibilities include proposing policies and processes, developing and assessing college-wide program outcomes, and supporting and reviewing the assessment of course and service outcomes. The Committee promotes campus-wide understanding and integration of SLOs, facilitating campus dialogue to enhance institutional effectiveness and the continuous improvement of student learning. Instructional policy items are brought to the Academic Senate and all items are brought to the Program Effectiveness and Planning Committee.

The Outcomes Assessment Committee meets the third Monday of the month from 1:30-2:30pm via Zoom.

Committee Goals 2020-2021:
1. Request DAPs from all departments for Cycle 4
2. Begin course assessments for Cycle 4
3. Finish loading PSLOs into eLumen for each department/discipline and map courses as required
4. Assess the PSLOs with data from the new structure
5. Update Service Area Outcomes content on the OAC Website