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All committee sites have been moved to a new platform. This site is available for archive purposes and may no longer be maintained.
Please go to the home page of this committee site to find the link to the new committee platform.


Meetings are held on the 4th Thursday of each month at 1:30 pm in ACA 2509 (Administration & Career Advancement)


Ashley Dunn, Registrar 
Hector Salazar, AFT 1521A Staff 
Elizabeth Negrete, EPC Representative 
Vacant, CTE Faculty 
Ali Ghassemi, AFT 1521 Faculty 
Vacant, Budget Committee Representative 
Jennifer Borucki, Public Relations Officer 
Jessica Araujo, Counselor 
Joel Trudgeon, Student Recruitment Coordinator 
Amadeo Quilici, Noncredit Faculty 
Matthew Jordan, Academic Affairs (Committee Chair)
Angelica Simityan, ASU Representative
Steve Castillo, Basic Skills Faculty 
Tasos Sioukas, Chairs Representative 
Vernon Bridges, Financial Aid Manager  

Anita Martinez, Articulation Officer 
Karen Daar, VP Academic Affairs 
Sorangel Hernandez, Dean, Student Success and Support Services 
Michelle Fowles,Dean, Institutional Effectiveness 
Mike Lee, VP Administrative Services 
Rebecca Frank, Curriculum Chair







EMC GOALS 2018-2019

1. Revise the Enrollment Plan based on the 2018 Enrollment Plan Evaluation and incorporate AB705, Guided Pathways, and the Student Centered Funding Formula.
2. Make recommendations on enrollment targets, progress, and growth.



   1: Foster student completion
   2: Increase equity
   3: Maximize institutional effectiveness


Los Angeles Valley College serves as our students’ pathway to their success and career goals.  We embrace the diversity of our community and strive to empower all members to be engaged, confident, and productive. Our comprehensive curriculum and support services enrich learning and inspire our students to achieve their personal goals, including completion of certificates, degrees, and transfer requirements.  We are dedicated to providing continuing education, and enhancing personal development and quality of life.

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