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All committee sites have been moved to a new platform. This site is available for archive purposes and may no longer be maintained.
Please go to the home page of this committee site to find the link to the new committee platform.

Committee Members

  • Ms. Karen L. Daar, VP of Academic Affairs
  • Dr. Deborah diCesare, Dean
  • Dr. Matthew Jordan, Dean
  • Dr. Laurie Nalepa, Dean
  • Mr. Steve Barakat*
  • Ms. Cynthia Cohen*
  • Ms. Lilit Davoyan*
  • Dr. Victorino Fusilero*
  • Dr. Veronica Getskow*
  • Mr. Clive Gordon*
  • Dr. Becky Green-Marroquin*
  • Ms. Jennifer Guevara
  • Mr. Lucas Haley*
  • Ms. Jacquelyn Hams*
  • Dr. Yih-Mei Hu
  • Dr. Reginald Hubbard*
  • Mr. Patrick Hunter*
  • Mr. Dave Mallas
  • Ms. Patty Melody*
  • Mr. Josh Miller*
  • Dr. Keidra Morris*
  • Dr. Ron Mossler*
  • Dr. Christian Nova*
  • Dr. Tyler Prante*
  • Ms. Preetha Puthiakunnel*
  • Ms. Ellie Rabani
  • Dr. Michael Rahni*
  • Ms. Jennifer Read*
  • Ms. Marni Roosevelt
  • Dr. Tasos Sioukas*
  • Ms. Rebecca Stein*
  • Ms. Eugenia Sumnik-Levins*
  • Mr. Eric Swelstad*
  • Ms. Michelle Visco*
  • Mr. Scott Weigand

*Department Chair


  • Dr. Barry Gribbons
  • Dr. Ruby Christian-Brougham
  • Ms. Valeria Covarrubias
  • Ms. Michelle Fowles
  • Mr. David Green
  • Mr. Chauncey Maddren
  • Mr. Florentino Manzano
  • Ms. Jeanne Owens
  • Mr. Edgar Perez
  • Dr. Sally Raskoff
  • Ms. Magda Walsh



Chairs and Directors

Chairs & Directors



Chairs and Directors Meeting

LAVC Mission Statement: Los Angeles Valley College serves as a leader in student success, with pathways for certificates, degrees, transfer, and continuing education. We enable students to advance their education, personal development, and quality of life, empowering them to be productive and engaged members of the global community.

Meetings are held every 4th Tuesday of the month at 1:30 pm 

via Zoom.


Meetings for 2021-2022

 Jul 27; Aug 24; Sep 28; Oct 26; Nov 23; (No meeting in Dec); Jan 25; Feb 22; Mar 22; Apr 26; May 24; June 28