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Kathryn Queen

Ceramic art work by Kathryn Queen

Kathryn Queen is Assistant Professor of Art at Los Angeles Valley College and teaches courses in ceramics, two-dimensional design and three-dimensional design.  Queen earned her undergraduate degree in 2000 at the Kansas City Artist Institute in Kansas City, Missouri and received her graduate degree in 2003 from the University of Colorado at Boulder. Her sculptural objects remark on the indicative ties of the natural and forced manmade world.  The biomorphic objects she creates reflect her ideas of what is tangible, what is imaginary and what is imposed upon us from forces beyond our control.   Modern and contemporary artists such as Louise Bourgeois, Ann Hamilton, and Ruth Duckworth and the autobiographical nature of their works are influential to the framework of Queen’s art.

Queen is also co-owner and designer of MYMADE, a high-end company that specializes in lighting, furniture, culinary goods and home décor.  She has exhibited her work nationally at the American Museum of Ceramic Art in Pomona, California, Craft in America in Los Angeles, The Dairy Center in Boulder, Colorado, and Little London Plane in Seattle, Washington.  Queen’s work has been reviewed in publications such as LA Weekly, Ceramics Monthly and Boulder Daily Camera.  She was an artist-in-residence at the Worcester Center for Crafts in Worcester, Massachusetts and was a recipient of a Local Cultural Council Grant from the Worcester Cultural Commission in Worcester, Massachusetts.


Katie Queen

Assistant Professor of Art

Ext. 2430

Art Building Room 101