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Eugenia Sumnik-Levins
Chair, Department of Art

Eugenia Sumnik-Levins

Eugenia Sumnik-Levins completed her BA in art history at Oakland University in Rochester, Michigan, and her Master’s degree in Art History at UCLA in 1986.  Her thesis is entitled Tahitian Royal Marae: The Function of Sacred Architecture in a Complex Chiefdom; Cecilia F. Klein, Arnold Rubin, Albert Boime, and Timothy Earle were her graduate committee advisors.  While at UCLA she was the recipient of the Dickson Fellowship, the UCLA Fowler Museum of Cultural History Internship, and other awards.  Sumnik-Levins’ major area was Oceanic, African and Native American art history, with a minor in Modern art.  She served as Teaching Assistant in a wide variety of courses, including Medieval, Renaissance, Baroque, Modern, Asian, African, Oceanic and Native American art history.  At the Museum of Cultural History she assisted in curating, co-authoring monographs, and producing educational materials for Mother Worker, Ruler, Witch: Cross-Cultural Images of Women; Hevehe: Art, Economics and Status in the Papuan Gulf;  The Eloquent Dead: Ancestral Sculpture of Indonesia and Southeast Asia; and The Mosaic Image: The First Twenty Years of the Museum of Cultural History.  Before coming to Los Angeles Valley College, Ms. Sumnik-Levins was Research Assistant at the Getty Center for the History of Art and the Humanities, working as personal assistant to the Director, and in the Photo Archive; her research work included projects in 18th century and modern architectural history, as well as Netherlandish, Dutch and Flemish art.  She began teaching art history at Los Angeles Valley College in 1988 first as a long-term substitute for the late Fidel Danieli, artist, art critic and art historian, then as a full-time faculty member devoted solely to instruction in art history, the first in the history of the LAVC Art Department.  Ms. Sumnik-Levins teaches Western and Non-Western art history and Women and Art, a specialty interest since her undergraduate research in the subject.  She has dedicated herself to expanding the diversity of art history course offerings at Los Angeles Valley College.  Since 2007 she has served as the Chair of the LAVC Art Department.  She has traveled with students to Europe on several occasions, guiding art and music history tours together with her husband, William Levins.  She also volunteers in local elementary, middle and high schools, giving presentations in art and cultural history, and mentors students as they pursue art history-related careers/avocations.


Eugenia Sumnik-Levins

Professor of Art History

Ext. 2780

Art Building Room 108 C