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ESL (English As a Second Language)


Tutoring at the LAVC Writing Center is available for all ESL students.

We speak Spanish, Armenian, Russian, and will be more than glad to help you with your writing in your native language. See the schedule below for our bilingual tutoring.


Our Tutors:

My name is Emilya Israyelyan, and I am in the USA from 2015. I started attending college from 2015. My current major is accounting, and I am here to complete my goal, which is to transfer to University. I speak Armenian and Russian, which helps me understand the students’ real issues.  I took a number of ESL classes and successfully finished them. It was very difficult at first, but after a diligence and hard work, everything is possible to achieve. I am very happy that I am studying in this college.   

I am Lusine Avetisyan, and I moved to the USA a year ago and this is my first year in the Valley College. I can speak three languages: Armenian, English and Russian. I am majoring in Business Administration, and my goal is to transfer to a University to finish my major in accounting.  The first ESL class that I took during Spring Session was ESL 8 and I finished it successfully. During Summer I passed English 101, and now I am taking English 103. I am really proud of being a student in Valley College.

What to expect when coming for a Tutoring session.


Tutors help with…

  • Generating creative ideas
  • Brainstorming/Prewriting for a topic
  • Synthesizing a vague idea into a thesis or topic sentence
  • Organizing a paper’s structure on a global scale
  • Creating a persuasive element to a main idea
  • Identifying run-on sentences and fragments
  • Composing strong, fluent sentences that stress the most important idea
  • Understanding verb tenses and how to use them
  • Finding active vs. passive verbs
  • Understanding the relationship between subjects and verbs
  • Using pronouns, as well as other parts of speech, properly
  • General Academic Skills
  • Providing techniques to improve spelling
  • Reading a work while retaining and comprehending its idea
  • Documenting research in formats across the curriculum (MLA, APA, etc)
  • Improving in-class essay abilities/strategies
  • Understanding and analyzing fiction and poetry

The Writing Center is NOT a place where…

  • Papers are proofread. Tutors do not act as an editing service. We want to teach YOU how to proofread and edit YOUR papers. If we do everything for you, you will always need a tutor.
  • We do not check the homework/exercises
  • Papers go through a quick grammar fix-it.
  • Papers are not written for you