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Development Site for a Future Course
Currently, the official Learning Management System in use at Valley College is "Canvas". If you would like to prepare for teaching a course using this system, you may request a "development sandbox" (an empty site with no content or enrollment). It can be used to begin building your future course, as well as import present and past course content. Once you are assigned a section, you can migrate any content you’ve created in the development site over to your live course site. 

Canvas Site Request
For those of you who have been trained and certified in using the Canvas LMS, as well as those not yet certified, you may apply to use this system to develop materials for your upcoming course(s). Although certification is not a requirement for developing course materials on the web, if you are interested in Canvas LMS training, you should check out the Training Opportunities web page. Once you are ready, you can to send us a request for a Canvas site by filling out the following form:


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