Using ETUDES: Section IV: Assignments
 Lesson 28: Viewing Your Grade

  By Gayle Fortnataro, Virtual Valley Student Success Coordinator


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Using ETUDES: Self-Paced Tutorial
Section IV: Assignments

Virtual Valley logo Lesson 28: Viewing Your Grade


How do I know whether or not my instructor has graded my assignments?


As we learned in the last lesson, the status line will tell you whether or not your instructor has graded and returned your assignment to you:

Illustration of assignment status line.


How can I check my score and see my instructor comments?

To check your score, and to see any instructor comments, re-open your assignment by clicking on its title. When it opoens you will see:

Here is what an assignment returned with comments might look like:

Illustration of returned assignment.


Your instructor has several scoring options when creating assignments. The most common method is to use points to determine your score because this is the only way that the assignment can be sent automatically to the ETUDES gradebook. Other options are: ungraded, letter grade, pass/fail, and checkmark. If your instructor chooses one of these other methods, the only place you will be able to check your grade is from the assignments list. Only assignments that your instructor assigns a point value to will appear in the grade book.

Your grade will appear at the top of the returned assignment:

Illustration of assignment with score.


Your instructor can also add comments within the text of your original submission. Instructor comments will appear in red to differentiate them. Under your original submission with instructor comments added, your instructor has the option of making additional comments that will appear under the heading "Additional Comments" at the bottom of the returned assignment:

Illustration of instructor comments.


Warning! You will need to scroll down the page to see your instructor's comments on your work. If you do not check for comments, you might miss valuable feedback that could affect your grade in the class! To avoid problems, be sure to check your returned assignments for instructor comments frequently and promptly.

Illustration of scroll bar.


If your instructor linked your assignment to the ETUDES Gradebook, you can also check your score (but not instructor comments) from the gradebook.

To view the gradebook, click on the "Gradebook" button from the ETUDES left menu bar:

Illustration of ETUDES Gradebook.



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