Using ETUDES: Section IV Assignments
 Lesson 27: Submitting Attachments

  By Gayle L Fornataro, Virtual Valley Student Success Coordinator


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Using ETUDES: Self-Paced Tutorial
Section IV: Assignments

Virtual Valley logo Lesson 27: Submitting Attachments


Caution! For a variety of technical reasons, when you "copy and Paste" your work to the assignment submission window, you may lose all your formatting. This means that your work will appear as one long block of text with no headings or paragraph breaks. This makes you work very difficult to read, and your grade may be affected.

Fot this reason, your Instructor may request that you to attach your work to the assignment window. The attachments feature of the assignment tool works just like any other attachment tool you may have used in the past.

Begin by clicking on the "Attachment" button under the assignment window:


illustration of "add attachments" button.


illustration of "browse" button.


illustration of "choose file" window.


illustration of "open attachment" button.



illustration of "open" file to attach  process.



illustration of submitted attachment.

Caution!If your instructor or classmates do not have the same word processing program as you used to create your file (or even the same version of the program sometimes), they may not be able to open your attachments.

Bright Idea! Make sure that everyone can open your attachment by submitting it as a "rich text" file, especially if you are not using Microsoft Word, which is the word processing standard. See below for instructions on how to save a file in "rih text."


How to save a file in "rich text" format

What is Rich Text?

"Rich Text" is a universal file type. This means that anyone can open it, no matter what word processing program they have on their computer. So, when you submit an attachment to anyone, you should use rich text unless you know they have the same word processing program as you have.

  • Open your document;
  • Click on “Save as” from the “file” menu of your word processor;
  • When the “Save as” menu opens, name your file with an appropriate and easy to remember name;
  • Next, look at the “Save as type” box just below the file name box;
  • Click on the arrow to the right of the box;
  • Scroll down using the scroll bar until you see “Rich Text”;
  • Select it from the list and click on it;
  • Make sure “Rich Text” appear as the “file type,” and click “save”;
  • When you select the file you want to attach to your assignment, make sure you select the one with the extension “.rtf” from the browse menu.



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