Using ETUDES: Section IV: Assignments
 Lesson 26: Assignments Due Dates

  By Gayle Fortnataro, Virtual Valley Student Success Coordinator


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Using ETUDES: Self-Paced Tutorial
Section IV: Assignments

Virtual Valley logo Lesson 26: Assignment Due Dates




You may note the due date for assignments in two places:

1. on the main assignment list page:

Illustrartion of due date and time on assignment list page.


2. You may also see the due date and time from the top of an open assignment:


illustration of due time from the top of an open assignment.


Caution! Be sure to note the time the assignment is due as well as the date. Once the time passes, the assignment will close, and you may not be able to submit it! You will be able to open the assignment to read it only, but no submission window will appear under the instructions. Instead, you will see a message stating, "The close date of the assignment has passed. You can no longer submit an answer."


illustration of closed assignment.


Your instructor has the option of putting two different dates. There will always be a regular due date, which is the visible date you see. However, your instructoe may also elect to put in an "accept until" date, which will not be visible to you. This leaves the assignment open for submission after the first due date has passed.

However, if you submit an assignment after the due date (but before the "accept until" date), your submission will be marked as "late." This is true even if you submit yourt work one minute after the due date has passed!


illustration of an assignment marked "late."


Be sure to check your instructor's policy on "accpet until" dates and late work. You may be significantly penalized for late work, depending on your intructor's policy.

How can you tell whether or not your instrucor has put in a later "accpet until" date after the regular due date? You cannot. This means that you do not know whether or not the assignment will lock you out after the due date unless your instructor chooses to give you that information.

Bright Idea! Do NOT wait until the last minute to try to submit your work. If you have a computer problem, your work may be marked "late," or, even worse, the assignment may close and you may not able to submit it at all!


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