Using ETUDES: Section IV Assignments
 Lesson 24: Working with Assignments

  By Gayle L Fornataro, Virtual Valley Student Success Coordinator


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Using ETUDES: Self-Paced Tutorial
Section IV: Assignments

Virtual Valley logo Lesson 24: Working with Assignments


When you open an assignment, you will see the instructions your instructor has written, and below the instructions, you will see a window where you can submit your work.

<empty>Bright Idea! Although you can write and save your work within the Assignment submission window, it is much better to write lengthy assignments in your word processing program and "copy and paste" them, as well as attach them, to the assignment submission window. That way, you have a copy of your assignment on your local machine (your computer). Plus, your word processor will also allow you to work faster since you do not have to be online to do it (which is especially important if you have a dail-up Internet connection). Most importantly, if you are writing an assignment in the ETUDES assignment window and drop off line before you have saved your work, you can lose everything!


screenshot illustration of assignment submission window.


Though it is generally preferable to use your word processor and copy and paste or attach your work to an assignment, when you do write directly to the assignment window, be sure to click "save" often. If you drop offline or hit the wrong key, you will could lose all your work if you do not save it.


Caution! Make sure you do not click "submit" until your assignment is finished, and you are ready to submit it to your instructor. If you open it to read it, but then want to navigate away from it, DO NOT click "submit." Once you do, you will only be able to open an assignment to read it, but no submission window will appear.

Illustration of submitted assignment.



To exit an assignment without submitting anything, either click on "cancel" under the assignment submission window. Or, you may click on the "Jiffy Lube" logo at the top of the page, next to the "Assignment" title bar.

(note: this will not save any work you have done to this point-- to save your work and exit the assignment, click on "save draft.")

Illustration of "cancel" button. illustration of "Jiffy Lube."


When you are finished with you assignment, click "submit" to submit your work to your instructor.

Bight Idea! Check the "status line" of your assignment to make sure it has been submitted properly when you are done.

illustration of status line in assignment list.


If the status line does not say "submitted," then your assignment has not been submitted properly. Go back. and try again.

You can also see the status of an assignment at the top of the page when you open it:

Illustration of submitted assignment.



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