Using ETUDES: Section IV: Assignments
 Lesson 23: Opening Assignments

  By Gayle Fortnataro, Virtual Valley Student Success Coordinator


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Using ETUDES: Self-Paced Tutorial
Section IV: Assignments

Virtual Valley logo Lesson 23: Opening Assignments


When you open an assignment, you will see the instructions your instructor has written, and below the instructions, you will see a window where you can submit your work.

Bright Idea! Although you can write and save your work within the Assignment submission window, it is much better to write lengthy assignments in your word processing program and copy and paste them, as well as attach them, to the assignment submission window. That way, you have a copy of your assignment on your local machine (your computer), and if you drop off line before you have saved your work, you can lose everything! Your word processor will also allow you to work faster since you do not have to be online to do it (especially important if you have a dail-up Internet connection).


Every instructor will organize and explain assignments a little differently, but here is one example of an open assignment:


Screenshot of an open assignment.


Here are some closer views of these parts of this example of an open assignment:









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