Using ETUDES: Section II: My Workspace
 Lesson 21:
The Reset Jiffy Lube

  by Foothill College


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Using ETUDES: Self-Paced Tutorial
Section II: My Workspace

Lesson 21: The Reset Jiffy                              Lube

The Jiffy Lube - Reset Button

This section does not have anything to do with My Workspace, but it is such an important button to know about, we decided to cover it here. The jiffy lube button is also known as the 'reset' button.

Jiffy Lube icon

That little icon to the left of each tool's title (looks like a jiffy lube logo) is a link back to that tool's beginning (table of contents) or home page. If you get stuck at a level deeply in your course, like in Assignments or Modules, and you find that the back button of the browser does not help, click on the jiffy lube icon.

For example, if you are reading a lesson in the Modules area, you will return to the list of modules when you click on the icon. Many times, you can use the menu options of tools to return to the home page. However, some times, if you are in the middle of a process, you cannot get out by clicking on a menu option. You have to finish what you are in the middle of by clicking on 'done,' or 'cancel' or 'submit' at the bottom of the page. The jiffy lube will reset the tool and will get you out, without requiring you to scroll to the bottom of the page.

All the tools except for Discussions have one of those Jiffy Lube icons and they all work the same way.

(By the way, we are calling it a Jiffy Lube icon because it is a curly arrow that looks like Jiffy Lube's logo. It's not really related to Jiffy Lube at all.)


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