Using ETUDES: Section II: My Workspace
 Lesson 20: My Workspace Account Settings

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Using ETUDES: Self-Paced Tutorial
Section II: My Workspace

Lesson 20: My Workspace                              Account Settings


The Account link allows users to change their name, password, and email address. This is important, for example, if a student goes by their middle name, or if they get married, they'll want to use the correct name. Also, many times students (and maybe faculty, too) will want to use a different email account than the one they listed when they first were admitted to the school. If that information is not current, each user can come in here to correct it. The only thing that can't be changed is the User ID.s to student passwords.

             Caution! LAVC support staff requests that students DO NOT change their own passwords from the default settings. Ifyou ever expereince a problem with your ETUDES-NG account, it will save valuable time for the Distance Education Coordinator to have your password set to the default. Instructors and fellow students do not have access to password; only the distance Education Coordinator has access to student passwords.

Image of account settings menu.



At the upper right is a Logout button which allows you to log out of the system. Be sure to click here when you are finished working. Close all browser windows to ensure that you are completely logged out and prevent unauthorized access to your site by others.

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