Using ETUDES: Section II: My Workspace
 Lesson 19: My Workspace Preferences

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Using ETUDES: Self-Paced Tutorial
Section II: My Workspace

Lesson 19: My Workspace                              Preferences


There are three options in Preferences.
1) you can set how you want announcements, email and resources to be handled.
2) you can organize the site tabs across the top of the page.
3) Time Zone.


Set the preferences for how you would like low priority notifications to be received. This includes announcements, email archive and resources. The options are to receive these items:

* individually when posted,
* as a daily digest, or
* to block them so you never receive them.

Note: All high priority notifications will be sent via email. Students cannot set high priority items to not be received. If your instructors really needs to send you notification about something urgent, he/she can. If your email address in your account is valid and not over quote, you will receive an email message.

Image of My Workspace preferences Window.

Customize Tabs

If you are registered or are a member of more than one course in the system (older terms, etc.), you can organize the tabs across the top of the page. In the visible sites list portion of Customize Tabs, the class at the top of the list shows up at the left in tabs across the top of the window. If you have too many visible sites to fit across the page, the leftovers will be in a pop-down menu.

Move finished classes over, if the instructor has not disabled them, to the left box in Customize Tabs to make them not visible. This will save room on your row of site tabs, but leaving the class still accessible by coming back here and making it visible again if you need to access the class for some reason.

Image showing how to customize your tabs in My Workspace.


Time Zone

The Time Zone allows you to choose what time zone you are in. When you do that, the times will be reflected in areas that use time, such as Chat Room and Tests & Quizzes. Give it a try to see how it works: I chose LaPaz and my Chat Room time went ahead 2 hours from my standard Pacific Time. Then when switched back to Los Angeles time, that same Chat message dropped 2 hours back.


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