Using ETUDES: Section II: My Workspace
 Lesson 15: My Workspace Menu

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Using ETUDES: Self-Paced Tutorial
Section II: My Workspace

Lesson 15: My Workspace Menu


The menubar on the left contains buttons for many functions, described below. It is important to understand that the MyWorkspace menubar is different from a course site's menubar, although they are located in the same area and look similar.

Image of the "My Workspace" menu bar.


The Home button takes you to the homepage of MyWorkspace. There are two informational boxes here. The System Administrator provides content for both boxes. The upper box is an Announcements box. By clicking the Options link at at the top of the box, you can set how much of the announcement shows, the number of days in the past your announcments can be without dropping off, and how many announcements you want to view here. The lower box welcomes you to your personal workspace. You have the options of changing the title of the box and the height. That's it. After making your choices, click the Update button. Your changes should take affect immediately.

Worksite Setup

This area contains a list of your class sites. When your course is over, your instructor may disable the course and you will no longer be able to access it. Also, if you get dropped from a course, you will no longer see a tab for it on the navigation menu bar.


There are three links at the top of the page. Notifications is the area where you can set up how you want to be notified of course activity (announcements, e-mail archives and resources). The options are to be notified of all activity, to save notification and send out in a digest once a day, or to receive no notification. The Customize Tabs page allows you to organize your course tabs at the top of the window. If you have more than a few courses (say you have tabs for courses from last term or more in the past), you may want to make them invisible and you make that choice here. A final tab allows you to set your time zone.


Viewable in a calendar or list format, the MyWorkspace schedule will contain events from all your class schedules. You can also add your own events to this calendar.


The membership feature provides a list of Current Sites that you belong to.


In the Resources area you can store personal files (documents, images, etc.) You may choose to arrange your Resource area into folders based. It is your private resources.


The account area summarizes your information, such as name, e-mail and type password. Click on Modify to change your name, email address or password. Changes made here are internal to the System -- it does nothing to your accounts in your college's systems.


Announcements are created in courses by instructors. The announcement area in MyWorkspace summarizes any announcements from courses you are a member of.


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