Using ETUDES: Section II: My Workspace
 Lesson 14: Introduction to "My Workspace"

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Using ETUDES: Self-Paced Tutorial
Section II: My Workspace

Lesson 14: Introduction

Screenshot of My Worksapce homepage


My Workspace is an individual worksite for each user. When you first log into the system, you will be in your MyWorkspace area. It is the first (leftmost) link on the top navigation menu bar. In addition, the top navigation menu bar will have links to course sites for which you are a member (registered student).

Key Concepts

In MyWorkspace, you can perform various tasks, including:

* Post (upload) files in your own private Resources area
* View an integrated Schedule for all sites that you are an active student.
* View Announcements from all your course sites
* Create your own private Schedule course items
* Choose how you would like to be notified of new or changed items on sites you belong to in the    Preferences tool

Things to Consider

In MyWorkspace you can print a PDF file of all your Schedule events for the day, week, or month.

You can save drafts or backup copies of work in progress in MyWorkspace Resources.


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