Using ETUDES: Section II: My Workspace
 Lesson 13: What Is "My Workspace?"

  by Foothill College


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Using ETUDES: Self-Paced Tutorial
Section II: My Workspace

Lesson 13: What is "My                              Workspace"?


"My Workspace" is a place on the ETUDES-NG website where you can manange all of your ETUDES-NG class websites globally. Coordinating all your websites can save you time and help you to organize your online classes ore effectively. This will make your online education more convenient. My Workspace also allows you to set certain preferences to make ETUDES-NG work for you. So, while you do not necessarily need to use this feature, it can be very helpful.

Caution! LAVC Virtual Valley support staff strongly encourages you NOT to change your ETUDES-NG password. This is important because if there is a problem with your ETUDES-NG account, our support staff will not be able to help you in as timely and efficient a manner as if you keep the default password of the month and day of your birth. (See Lesson 10 for information about how to formulate your ETUDES-NG password).

The lessons in this section, written by the support staff of Foothill College, explains what "My Workspace" allows you to do to customize your online classes to suit your needs.

The lessons of this module are as follows:

Account Settings
The Reset Jiffy Lube!

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