Using ETUDES: Section 1: Getting Started
 Lesson 11: Getting Help

  by Gayle L. Fornataro, LAVC Student Success Coordinator


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Using ETUDES: Self-Paced Tutorial
Section I: Getting Started

Lesson 11: Getting Help

In a perfect world, we would all be able to log onto any website in the world and use it without problems. However, more than likely, you will experience some sort of trouble either logging onto or using ETUDES-NG, especially if you are not an overly experienced user of the internet, or you have older computer equiptment. Since problems are likely, it is important to be prepared, and know how to deal with them when they do occur.

When trouble happens, the first rule is “Don’t Panic.”  Technology makes so many wonderful things possible (like going to class in your pajamas!), but as we have all experienced, it causes frustrations as well.  You should expect for things to go wrong from time to time and develop strategies to address these difficulties. If you expect for there to be problems from the outset, you won't be as stressed when they do occur and pleasantly surprised when everything goes smoothly. It also helps to remember that you are not alone: you have a variety of resources available to help you. 

If You Experience Login or Other ETUDES-NG Problems:

Here are six good places to go for help when you have a problem logging onto ETUDES-NG:

  1. The ETUDES Logon page, especially the "System Requirements" and the "Login Help" links.
  2. Section 1 of this tutorial lesson, "Before You Login."
  3. The "Student Resources" page of the Virtual Valley Online Education website.
  4. Email your instructor for help
  5. Post a question to the "Help Desk" on the LAVC ETUDES-NG Users Group.

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