Using ETUDES: Section 1: Getting Started
 Lesson 10: Logging into Your Class Website

  By Gayle L. Fornataro, Virtual Valley Student Success Coordinator


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Using ETUDES: Self-Paced Tutorial
Section I: Getting Started

Virtual Valley Logo Lesson 10: Logging In to Your                              Class Website

CAUTION! Before you try to logon, you will need to check the system
requirements and settings to make sure you will be able to logon and use ETUDES-NG course management software. If you have skipped lessons 3-9 of this lesson, go back and read them before you attempt to login to your ETUDES-NG class website to avoid serious technical problems.

Now that you have set your computer to be compatible with ETUDES-NG, you are ready to login. If your class is using ETUDES, you must first go to the ETUDES-NG Login Webpage.  To do this, click on the link below:

ETUDES-NG Login Webpage

Note: you may also access this webpage from the LAVC website.  Once you are there, scroll down and click on “Online Classes” from the left menu bar.  This will take you to the Virtual Valley Online Education Website where you accessed this lesson.  You can get to the ETUDES Login page from the LAVC Distance Education website by clicking on “Logon to ETUDES-NG.”

<empty>Bright Idea! When you get the ETUDES-NG login page, "bookmark" it (Firefox) or save it as a "favorite" (Internet Explorer). Then, when you want to logon to your class website, you will only have to click on one link to get to the login page. If you do not know how to do this, click on the "help" link on your web browser toolbar and search for instructions. It saves time and it's easy!


Once you get to the ETUDES-NG Login Page, you should see two boxes at the top, right-hand corner of the page, asking you for your username and password.  You must type these into the appropriate box and click the “login” button.

Screenshot of ETUDES-NG Gateway, illustrating how to login.


One you are ready to login, you need to figure out what your username and password will be.  These are set by the college following simple formulas:

ETUDES-NG Username and Password
Your Username: Your Password:

Create your ETUDES-NG Username using the following formula:

  empty   the first 2 letters of your first        name +
  empty   the first 2 letters of your last         name +
  empty   the last 5 digits of your SIN*
       *(Student Identification Number)

Please be sure to use all lower case, and do not insert any spaces between the characters. Do NOT use your Social Security Number.

Create your ETUDES-NG Password using the following formula:

2-digit month and 2-digit day of your brith, with no spaces between, like this:


Be sure to use the birth date on file in your school records, and do not insert any spaces between the characters.


Jose A. Garcia with SIN # 881234567

His username is:  joga34567


Jose Garcia was born on January 11

His password is: 0111


Yellow "Caution" Graphic IMPORTANT!!! Your login username is created with your "Student Identification Number" (SIN), NOT your Social Security Number (SSC).  Your SIN is a 9-digit number beginning  with “88.” You can find this number on your LAVC registration papers. Many students have spent several frustrating hours trying to logon with the wrong id number -- Don't be one of them!

emptyFor Your Information: Your ETUDES-NG Username is also your LAVC "UIA," or "Universal Internet Access" number. You use this same login id to logon to your LAVC wireless server account, LAVC library resources, and other LAVC internet-based resources. Only one number to remember! How convenient is that?

emptyBright Idea! Always read the “Message of the Day” on the ETUDES-NG Login Gateway, as important announcements about ETUDES updates and shut-down periods will be posted here. These messages may not show up very often, but they are always important when they do, and it pays to keep an eye out for them. Look for the "Message of the Day" on the ETUDES-NG login portal. It loks like this:


Screenshot pointing out the "Message of the Day" on the ETUDES-NG Gateway.


One Last Step...

There is just one more step to take to get to your class website. When you enter your username and password and click "login" you will be taken to the ETUDES-NG "My Workspace" page, rather than directly to your class web page. From there, you will need to click on the tab near the top of the window identifying your class website, which looks like this:

Screenshot showing the "My Workspace" page that ETUDES-NG opens to when you login, and showing how to click on the link to enter your class website from there.

Congratulations! You are now logged onto your ETUDES-NG class website. You are ready to begin exploring, and learning how to use this powerful learning tool.


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