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Logging In Online

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After you have enrolled and registered in your course(s) you must login to your class page. Online classes are taught using the ETUDES course management system. Within the ETUDES System is where you will perform all your class work.

1. First know your User ID and Password

User ID

First 2 letters of your firstname +
First 2 letter of your last name +
Last 5 numbers of your LAVC Student ID

Example: Jose A. Garcia with
SIN # 88-222-3333

His username is: joga23333


2 digits for Month of birth +
2 digits for Day of birth

Example: 0206 (February 6th)

Important! Change your password immediately after your first login. You should continue to change your password periodically in order to protect your identity.

You can use a form to generate your username and password by clicking here.

Tell me my User ID and Password
First Name
Last Name
LAVC Student ID #
Date Of Birth

2. Open the ETUDES application

To open the ETUDES System click on the link titled “Class Login” located in the top right of this page. Then enter your username and password in the upper right of the ETUDES page.

3. Be aware of the ETUDES System Requirements

In order to verify that your computer is compatible with the Etudes system that all online classes use, you will have to verify the following information:

  1. You must have reliable internet access.
  2. You must be using the appropriate web browser.
  3. You must configure your browser's cache.
  4. You must configure cookies, JavaScript, pop-up blocker.
  5. You must Accept Etudes-NG SSL certificate and settings for alerts.
For instruction on how to verify / check these requirements please see the ETUDES System Requirements.

4. Still Need Help?

If you’re still having trouble logging in to your class, please go to the Help section and review the information located there.

Simple steps to teach you how to login to your online classes

Your online class will require that you login to view any of you course material. On this page you will find the information to help you learn how to login to the course management system ETUDES. If you require more assistance please see the help page.

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