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Online Learning Success:
 Self-Paced Tutorial!

  Written by Gayle L. Fornataro, Virtual Valley Student Success Coordinator
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Hello and Welcome to Virtual Valley!




If you are reading this, then you are at least thinking about taking an online class.  Here are just some of the benefits online education:

Top Ten Reasons Why You Should Take Online Classes at Virtual Valley!

  1. You Can Go to Class in Your Pajamas!
  2. Review Course Materials at Your Own Speed!
  3. Get to Know Your Teacher and Classmates and Be Part of an
    Electronic Community!
  4. Online Classes Use the Most Up-to-Date Information and Materials!
  5. Our classes are taught with ETUDES, which stands for “Easy-to-Use-
    Distance Education Software!”
  6. Helpful, Friendly Support Team!
  7. Online Learning Is Student-Centered!
  8. Flexible Hours -- Go to Class at 4am while the Kids Are Asleep!
  9. Transportation Is a Snap -- No Traffic! Never Take the Bus to School
    Again! Save Money on Gas!
  10. Caring and Knowledgeable Faculty!

Above all, rest assured that you will learn the same things and be held to the same standards of excellence in on online class as you are in a traditional, face-to-face classroom. 

Our Virtual Valley online classes use ETUDES, which stands for "East-to-Use Distance Education Software." The ETUDES Tutorial will show you how to use some of the most important features of the ETUDES system.

This self-paced tutorial will give you a good idea if online classes are right for you as well as prepare you to be successful in any online class you take.

Here are the lessons in this tutorial.

Lesson Topics:

  1. What Can I Expect from My Online Classes?
    1. What can I expect from my online classes?
    2. What will be expected of me?
    3. Whst can I expect from my instructor?
    4. Can I work at my own pace?
    5. Keys to Sucess
  2. Am I ready to take an online class?
    1. What computer skills will I need?
    2. What computer equipment will I need?
    3. What personal qualities or motivation will I need?
    4. Readiness quiz
    5. Helpful Links
    6. Keys to Success
  3. Time Management
    1. Overview
    2. Resources
    3. Keys to Success
  4. Participating in Online Discussions and Chats
    1. Benefits and Challenges
    2. Threaded Discussions
    3. Netiquette
    4. What Do I Say?
    5. The Chat Room
    6. Keys to Success
  5. Plagiarism
    1. What is Plagiarism?
    2. Resources
    3. Keys to Success
  6. Ergonomics
    1. What is Ergonomics?
    2. Resources
    3. Keys to Success
  7. Glossary

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Lesson One: Expectations
Lesson Two: Am I Ready?
Lesson 3: Time Management
Lesson 4 Online Discussions
Lesson 5: Plagiarism
Lesson 6: Ergonomics
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