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Adding a Student Online

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Adding an Online Student After the Class is Closed - Adding an Online Student before Census

To add a class:
Once the student has asked to add your class and if okayed by you can issue them a traditional add card, or by following the process below, conduct the add process by email.

The Student:

  • Sends an email from their official LAVC email used to apply to the college to the instructor requesting addition to the class. The student needs to include:

    1. Student Name
    2. Student ID
    3. Date of Birth
    4. The Semester or Term the Class is Offered
    5. The Course' Name
    6. The Section Number

The Instructor:

  • To give permission to add the instructor will:

    1. Reply to the email indicating that the add is in progress
    2. Forward the student’s email to the Admissions and Records director at:

The Admissions and Records Office will:

  1. Verify that the student’s email and address on the e-mail request to add the class is the same e-mail address in the student’s record in DEC and determine if the student is eligible to take the class.
  2. If the student is verified, then the student will be added to the class and a printed copy of the e-mail will be retained to record the transaction. A confirmation email will be sent to the student and the faculty.
  3. If the student is not verified, then the Office of Admissions will send the student an email notifying the student that the add cannot be processed until the until the issue(s) are corrected. The sent email will provide the necessary instructions for the student.

Example Email to Your Prospective Student

Following is a sample email that you might want to send to your student informing them of what they need to do to add your class.

When they respond, just add your approval and forward it to:

Feel free to use the following sample or, of course, add your personal touch.
Sample Mail (.pdf)

Important to Remember

After the census day of the class, e-mailed permissions to add courses will not be accepted from instructor because the instructor must verify that the student was enrolled prior to census. The petition for that requires a traditional add card with a signature.

The student must send their email request from the email address that is on the school’s DEC system. There is a chance that the email on the DEC is wrong or not the one the student uses anymore. To make sure the student’s email address is the same one on that is on the DEC, a student can check and see which email is currently on file and either make sure he uses that one, or change the email address on the DEC to conform to the email address that he now uses.

Checking the Student's DEC Email Address

  • Go to the Valley College campus website and select “Register for Classes” at right top corner button.
  • Here the student needs to input his student id number and his 4 digit pin. In case the student forgets, the pin is the month and day of his birthday.
  • The student can now see what email they have on the DEC system. If it is not the one the student now uses, he can change the email address to one he currently uses.

Instructions on how the course adding process works for online classes

Adding a student to an online class is reasonably different then adding a student in a traditional face-to-face course. Here you will find instruction for both you and your student to correctly complete the "Add" process.

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