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How to Add Students After Classes Begin

Video - How to Add An Online Class with a Permission Number

Wait Lists and Auto Enrollment
Students trying to enroll in a class that has already reached enrollment limits will be automatically placed on a Waitlist for the class. If an enrolled student drops before the class begins, the student in the # 1 position at the top of the Waitlist will be Auto-Enrolled into the class. An email will be sent to the student’s LACCD email account notifying them of their registration in the class. Auto-Enrollment STOPS when the class begins.

If an enrolled student does not show up for the first day of class they MAY be dropped by the instructor who will then begin to add students from the Waitlist.

How to Add Students After Classes Begin
When you view/print your class rosters, you will find a list at the bottom of the page (see below) with a heading “Student Permission.” This list gives unique ‘permission numbers’ to be distributed to students from the Waitlist who want to add the class. Please note that these unique “Permission Numbers” have expiration dates, so it is imperative that students go online to register ASAP. (For the Fall 2017 semester, students will have two weeks to use this permission number before it expires.)

Important Note: Please add students on your Waitlists who show up on the first day of class before adding anyone else.

Instructions on how the course adding process works for online classes

Adding a student to an online class is reasonably different then adding a student in a traditional face-to-face course. Here you will find instruction for both you and your student to correctly complete the "Add" process.

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