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Curriculum Committee



Curricular items approved during Spring 2014 will available for offering beginning Spring 2015.
Electronic Curriuculum Development (ECD) is here!

To find the set of forms you need for your curricular proposal, answer the question
"What am I trying to do?"

For Credit and Noncredit Courses: 

  • Use ECD to do the following - note Discipline Approval [Word doc: 29KB] with original signatures is required for ALL ECD submissions:
  • Revise a Course Outline
  • Write a New Course Outline
  • Create a New Credit Course
  • Add a Prerequisite, Corequisite or Advisory
  • Archive a Course
  • Reinstate a Course
  • Modularize a Course
  • Change a Course Attribute (title, hours, etc.)
  • Write SLOs for a course
  • Offer a course online or hybrid (Distance Education)
  • Offer a TAP section of a course
  • Request Advanced Class Status for a course



For Programs: 

Course Outline Resources:

Guidelines for Prerequisite Validation - Levels of Scrutiny [Word doc: 26KB]
Course and Program approval process (including posting information) once at the district office.

Course Related Forms

All course related forms, for credit and noncredit, except for requests for Advanced Class Status and Combined Classes are available through ECD.  See instruction on the main page for downloading these forms.

Request Advanced Class Status for a course:
Advanced Class Guidelines and Request Form [Word doc: 37KB]
Discipline Approval Form [Word doc: 29KB]

Combine classes:
Combined Class Request [Word doc: 31KB]
Discipline Approval Form [Word doc: 29KB]

Program Related Forms

Revise an existing program:
Program Change Form [Word doc: 47KB] - Note, depending on the requested change, you may be required to submit a nonsubstantial change.  Contact the Curriculum Chair if there are questions.

Create a new Degree or Certificate (Credit or Noncredit) program:

Narrative Template [Word doc: 39KB]for new Associate Degree for Transfer (AA-T or AS-T) and instructions [Word doc: 25KB] for filling out the form.
Narrative Template [Word doc: 48KB] for new Associate Degree in Arts (AA) or new Associate Degree in Sciences (AS).

Program Development Cover Form [Word doc: 40KB] - must be included with all new proposals.
Contact the Curriculum Chair, Rebecca Frank, to set up a meeting to get forms and instructions for all other degrees and certificates.

Create a new Skills Certificate program (less than 18 units - will not get State approval):
Report of New Program That Requires Less Than 18 Units of Coursework [Word doc: 34KB]

  Add an option to an existing program (not including skills certificates):
Contact the Curriculum Chair, Rebecca Frank, to set up a meeting to get forms and instructions.

Discipline Approval Form [Word doc: 29KB]

  Offer a Study Away program:
Application [Word doc: 61KB]
Vendor Checklist [Word doc: 56KB]
Frequently Asked Questions [Word doc: 29KB]

Discontinue a program - see PEPC for Program Viability information:
Program/Major Discontinuance Form [Word doc: 55KB]