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Do you want better grades? Do you want more support in helping you succeed in your classes? Students who use academic resources and tutoring services succeed at a higher rate than those who do not use the services. Take advantage of the following resources available to LAVC students!

Tutoring Lab


February 8 -  May 28


Services Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday

Biological Sciences Tutoring Center

Located in AHS 232

9:00a –5:00p 11:00a –5:00p 9:00a –5:00p 11:00a –4:00p 9:00a –12:00p  

Computer Commons

Located in LARC 234

7:00a –9:00p

7:00a –9:00p

7:00a –9:00p

7:00a –9:00p

7:00a – 3:00p


ARC: General Tutoring

Located in LARC 213

 Drop-in Tutoring

Subject Specific Schedule

*Sat. tutoring begins 3/19/16

10:00a-6:30p 10:00a-6:30p 10:00a-6:30p 10:00a-6:30p



ARC: Math Lab

LARC 226

Drop-in Tutoring

10:00a-6:30p 10:00a-6:30p 10:00a-6:30p 10:00a-6:30p 11:00a-3:00p 11:00a-3:00p

ARC: Writing Center

Located in LARC 229

By Appointment and Limited Walk-in

*Sat. tutoring begins 3/19/16

Youtube Video

10:00a-6:00p 10:00a-6:30p 10:00a-6:00p 10:00a-6:00p 11:00a-2:00p *11:00a-2:00p


LARC - 1st Floor

8:00a-9:00p 8:00a-9:00p

8:00a- 9:00p

8:00a-9:00p 9:00a-1:00p 9:00a-3:00p


Downloadable PDF of Schedule


HOURS SUBJECT TO CHANGE. Tutoring Labs open the second week of the semester.

All Tutoring Labs & Computer Commons Require a MONARCH CARD (Student I.D.) FOR ENTRY!
Tutoring labs  require enrollment in Supervised Learning Section.
The Spring 2016 workshop series begins on 2/16!
Improve your grades by joining us for these free
weekly workshops on writing, math, and study

 List of Academic Resources

Biological Sciences Resource and Tutoring Center

AHS 232

Erika Brockman, Coordinator

(818) 778 5875

The Biological Sciences Resources and Tutoring Center is located on the second floor of the Allied Health and Sciences Center (AHS 232) and under the direction of Professor Erika Brockman. The Tutorial and Resource Center is open approximately 20 hours per week and provides students with study materials such as models, microscopes and slides, and supplemental materials provided by instructors. Tutoring includes all biology courses, microbiology, anatomy, and physiology. Join us there. Bring your Monarch card. Enrollment in Supervised Learning, section 8983 is required.


Career/Transfer Center
Student Services Annex

Clive Gordon, Director

(818) 947-2646

The Career/Transfer Center provides ;a wide variety of services to help students succeed in completing their certificate or A.A. degree, transfer to a four year college, or choose their major and career path. The Center offers workshops on exploring careers and majors, college applications, how to transfer to a four year college, resume writing skills, interviewing skills, job shadowing, and four year college financial aid. Students can explore four year colleges and universities by making appointments with visiting college representatives and peer mentors, attending college fairs, and joining us for free bus trips to four year colleges and universities. There is a library of transfer and career information that includes college catalogs, articulation agreements with four year colleges and DVD's and videos of various colleges and careers. There is also a computer lab available for students to access online career and transfer information. After attending a workshop, students can make appointments for individual career advisement.


Computer Commons Lab

Library Academic Resource Center, 2nd Floor

Campus Center 234

Ken Freeman, Lab Supervisor

(818) 947-2568

The Computer Commons, on the second floor of the Library Academic Resource Center, has 100 computers available for student use. These computers have Internet access, Microsoft Office, and students can print for ten cents per page. Lab also offers software resources to students currently enrolled in any of LAVC’s Career and Technology Education (CTE) programs. The resources include AutoCAD, Microsoft Visual Studio, Microsoft Office Suite, Quickbooks Pro, Adobe CS4, respiratory therapy simulators and typing course support.


EOPS/CARE Tutoring Center and Computer Lab

Student Services Center (SSC), 2ndFloor

Veronica EnrĂ­quez, Student Services Assistant

(818) 947-2338  

For EOPS/CARE students only, the EOPS/CARE Tutoring Center and Computer Lab offers free, individualized help with subjects, such as English, Math, and the sciences. Students can receive assistance through one-to-one or group tutoring sessions. 

The EOPS/CARE Tutoring Center and Computer Lab also has computers and a printer for EOPS/CARE students to work on their assignments independently and print them out for submission.  Services also include Internet access for class projects and job search, resume and cover letters revision, and interview techniques.


General Tutoring Center

Library Academic Resource Center 213

Scott Weigand, Director

(818) 947-2744

General Tutoring provides tutoring by drop-in and appointment.  Tutoring is available in most subjects, such as, chemistry, physics, statistics, accounting, and economics.  Although we cannot guarantee a tutor for every subject, we strive to meet the needs of students. 



Library Academic Resource Center

Dora Esten, Department Chair

(818) 947-2761

The college's library, one of the largest in the San Fernando Valley, has more than 125,000 books and subscribes to over 200 magazines and newspapers.  The Library also provides access to a number of electronic databases including full text journals, newspapers, e-Books and reference sources that are available from on or off campus. Students should consider the library their first and best source of learning materials. Students can access these online resources using their campus UIA network account ID. The Library's home page on the Internet,, provides a link to the online catalog and resources. A staff of experienced librarians and library technicians is always available to assist you. The Library's Reference Desk can be reached at 818-947-2763. All registered students are eligible to check out library materials by showing their LAVC student ID card.


Math Lab

Library Academic Resource Center 226

John Kawai, Supervisor

(818) 947-2863

The Math Lab is a drop-in tutoring lab for students to get help with their math homework.  Three to four tutors are available at any given hour to work with students on a one-on-one basis for short periods of time as needed. The tutors circulate around the lab. In addition to tutoring services, the lab also provides the following: computers with math software, textbooks on reserve, a loan program for videos, CDs, and calculators, math worksheets, and class workshops. 


Nursing Tutoring


Kim Hollingshead RN, MSN

(818) 947-2838

The Los Angeles County Department of Health provides the Nursing Program here at Valley with a Tutoring/Mentoring Grant designed to assist students with success in the program and in passing the National Licensure Exam known as NCLEX-RN. It is a 2 year grant currently in its second renewal that provides over $180,000. All currently enrolled nursing students are eligible to participate in the programs offered such as Math tutoring, clinical skill simulations in our nursing lab, clinical workshops where the students work in very small groups with an experienced clinical instructor to concentrate on proficiency and competency in providing and managing client care, test-taking and critical thinking workshops and tutoring sessions and a wonderful nursing review program designed to assist and evaluate the student's progress over their 2 years in the nursing program. The grant sponsors a free NCLEX Review course twice a year.


Reading Center

Library Academic Resource Center 220

Ron Mossler, Ph.D., Director

(818) 947-2481

The Reading Center is for students enrolled in Development Communications 22. In the Reading Center you will find a range of modular, multi-media, self-directed programs that teach and reinforce phonics, vocabulary, reading comprehension, grammar, spelling and study skills.  Students may enroll sequentially in up to three units per semester during open-entry enrollment. Units are earned through independent work in which students fulfill requirements utilizing the Reading Center’s various computers, reading, and learning resources.
Students work at their own time and pace to fulfill the requirements of each unit. While traditional one-on-one tutoring services in reading are not available, students can learn about how to use and benefit from the Center’s full range of resources by consulting with our knowledgeable staff.


Services for Students with Disabilities (SSD – formerly DSPS)

Student Services Annex, Room 175

David Green, Director

(818) 947-2681

SSD provides specialized services, accommodations, and courses for students with verified disabilities. Specialized services may include priority registration, sign language interpreters, alternate text production, assistive technology, note-taking and test-taking assistance, campus and community referrals, and/or liaison with the Department of Rehabilitation.  Courses offered include Adapted Physical Education, Learning Skills, and Personal Development.  The SSD office is located in the Student Services Annex, Room 175


Speech Lab

Located in the basement of Campus Center

Josh Miller, Department Chair

(818) 947-2470

The Speech Lab, located in the basement of Campus Center, offers students who wish to reduces accents (English as a Second Language or regional) computerized lessons featuring American English pronunciation. Students may schedule their attendance to fit in with their own schedules. There is also opportunity to join conversation groups to practice using English to exchange ideas and information.


STARS (Strategic Team for the Advancement and Retention of Students)

Most sessions held in the Fireside Room of Campus Center

Deborah Kaye, STARS Committee Chair

(818) 947-2712

The STARS program offers events and provides resources that support student success and promote dialogue between faculty and students about teaching and learning.  Interactive workshops and roundtable discussions explore the learning process and help students set goals for learning and monitor their progress to be more successful.  Useful resources are provided at the sessions and on the STARS website – both for students and for faculty to use in their classes.  Contact us to be put on the mailing list to receive announcements of upcoming sessions. 

“We create STARS at LAVC!”


TRiO/Student Support Services

Student Services Center, Room 228

Barbara Schneider, Director

(818) 947-2487

TRiO is a federally funded program that allows service to 160 students.  Upon acceptance into the program, students are encouraged to sign up for free tutoring services.  These tutoring sessions are by appointment only and include some evening hours.  Tutoring services are done on a one-to-one basis and include English, math and many of the humanities and science courses. A computer lab is also available for the use of  TRiO students.


Writing Center

Library Academic Resource Center 229

Scott Weigand, Director


The Writing Center provides tutoring by appointment for students to receive individualized help with any kind of writing, reading, or critical thinking assignment.  Students can receive assistance through one-to-one and group tutoring sessions, writing workshops, and instructive handouts.

To work on their assignments independently, students are encouraged to use the Writing Center’s computer lab for word processing, MLA format, printing, and Internet research.  If students have an Internet connection at home, then they can take advantage of the Writing Center’s comprehensive website that provides instructive handouts, self guided tutorials, assistance for non native speakers, and various links for research.

The Writing Center also offers classes where students can earn college credit: English 67, a 1/2 unit course writing laboratory, is designed to give students extra practice with writing academic essays; English 68, a 1/2 unit reading laboratory, helps students improve reading comprehension and develop critical reading skills necessary for colleges classes; English 69, a one unit course, provides students with practice formatting and revising papers on the computer, researching on the Internet and using databases, and drafting resumes.