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Student Success

Planning for Getting Your Degree


Planning for Getting Your Degree

This check list will help you review, and if necessary revise, your educational plan to meet your intended academic goals.

Revise your education plan as needed. Use it to check your progress towards your goal.


Complete General Education and major requirements.


If want to transfer to a four-year college after getting your Associate degree, determine what courses you may need to take to prepare for your intended degree at the transfer institution.


Examine and reflect on what you learned in terms of the program learning outcomes.


Explore your chosen career field by participating in internships, job shadowing, information interviews, volunteer experiences or by conducting internet searches.


Explore options for continued education or employment after graduation. Develop financial literacy and a financial plan for continued education and life after graduation. 


Maintain social connections on campus with staff, students, advisors, and faculty.


Continue to participate in campus activities or organizations.