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Student Success

Being a Successful College Student


Being a Successful College Student

Use the following check list to successfully meet your goals that you set when beginning your college career.

Student SuccessDevelop, save, and follow an educational plan that will guide what classes you take to reach your goal. 


Student SuccessSuccessfully complete (with an A, B, or C) all courses that you take. 


Student SuccessEnroll in your math and English classes as soon as possible.


Student SuccessBe aware of how many semesters of each you need to take to reach your goal. 


Student SuccessCreate and follow a study plan for each enrolled course.


Student SuccessUse the student success tools to help you succeed. 


Student SuccessCheck your LACCD email at least once a week.


Student SuccessUse campus resources (writing centertutoringlibrary, etc.)


Student SuccessContinually revisit your short and long-term goals.


Student SuccessIdentify and research a potential career path using the Career/Transfer Center.


Student SuccessConnect with students, staff, advisors, and faculty on campus.


Participate in campus activities or organizations.


Write down the date you intend to graduate.