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Faculty Advisors

  1. Altounji, John
  2. DuFour, Wendy
  3. Fickel, Ted
  4. Hajjawi, Amer
  5. Haley, Lucas
  6. He, Fendi
  7. Karapetyan, Karapet
  8. Kawai, John
  9. Mkrtchyan, Hasmik
  10. Ramey, Shane 
  11. Sarkissian, Scarlet
  12. Shvetsov, Vitaly
  13. Trujillo, Ana
  14. Gan, Marichu
  15. Pogosyan, Andy 

Make an Appointment to see a STEM Counselor today!

Kassidy Miller, STEM Counselor

Office: Campus Center, Room 101 (Monarch Hall) 

Hours: By Appointment Only 

To set an appointment, call:

Luis Cabrera at (818) 778-5683


Lynda Tovar at (818) 778-5684




Faculty Staff Advising 


Proactive and Intrusive STEM Faculty Advising/Coaching and Peer Mentoring

LAVC PASO (Promoting Awareness of STEM Opportunities), through its Proactive and Intrusive Faculty Advising/Coaching and Peer Mentoring aims to:

  • develop an integrated academic support system through proactive and intrusive STEM academic advising and peer mentoring to increase STEM persistence, completion and transfer rates of Hispanic and low-income STEM students
  • connect STEM students to STEM faculty as academic advisors, and STEM majors as peer mentors
  • build a system so that, at the beginning of their careers, STEM students know what they’re working toward and who is available to help them
  • provide students information about specific careers so they can decide earlier what field they want to pursue, and including diagnostics and personalized modules in the transfer process
  • emphasize the importance of relationship building achieved through gaining students’ trust

Existing Literature: The Effects of Student Coaching in College by Bettinger and Baker (2011)

  • Inside Track, a personalized student coaching service for college students
  • study involved general student population (no demographic nor discipline disaggregation) from four-year institutions (no community colleges)
  • used remote coaching (phone, email, text and social media)
  • students assigned to receive coaching were significantly more likely to remain enrolled at their institutions than students in the comparison group
  • completion outcomes not measured


The PASO Project:

  • STEM Faculty Advising/Coaching
    • 6 to 10 students assigned to Faculty Advisor/Coach
    • Advisor/Coach meets with each student twice a semester
    • Stress importance of advisors/coaches reaching out to students rather than wait for the students to come to them
    • Coordinate with STEM Counselor who can provide strategies for successful advising/coaching
  • Peer Mentoring
    • 5 to 6 students assigned to a Peer Mentor
    • Acts as big brother/big sister to mentees as they navigate the college life
    • Peer Mentor meets with each mentee twice a week (face to face, phone, email, text, social media)
    • Emphasize benefits of peer leadership as it positively impacts the students the peer mentors work with, the peer mentors themselves, and the institution as a whole
    • Refer mentees to appropriate campus resources
  • Will measure rates of
    • staying in college within 5 weeks, 10 weeks, semester
    • persistence within a STEM major
    • completion by graduation (AA degree or certificates) or transfer within 2 years, 3 years, 4 years