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Student Success Strategies



Plagiarism and Integrity

Topics covered by this workshop included:

  • Avoiding practices that may endanger a student's academic future
  • A realistic look at the rigorous demand of an academic education and how to best prepare for it
  • Avoiding lazy and dangerous shortcuts by starting early and not underestimating assignments.

The workshop focused on avoiding practices that put a student's future in danger. Students learned of the damage to their credibility if they are accused of such a thing as plagiarism and got stories of the wonderful feeling we get and the knowledge we acquire after we have conducted an immense amount of research on any given topic. The workshop stressed that the amount of work will only get harder and persuade students that it is for their benefit that they do their work by avoiding illegal and lazy shortcuts. It was pointed out that plagiarism is the antithesis to knowledge-acquisition, integrity, and personal development.

Networking and Making Friends with the Academy

Topics covered by this workshop included:

  • The importance of getting to know faculty
  • Getting the most out of office hours
  • Contacting and researching faculty at departments or universities you are interested in
  • Why becoming an independent learner is important and ways to achieve it
  • How to get through difficult assignments when others struggle or just get by

The workshop focused be on the importance of getting to know the faculty in the departments we are in and the departments we would like to transfer to. Students got tips on how to find contact information using the web, how to compose letters of inquiry, and how to get their names into the minds of faculty at schools they would like to one day attend. Students also received tips on how to approach their professors during office hours to maximize their gains from a service they rarely seem to use.

Student Professionalism

Topics covered by this workshop included:

  • The danger of skipping assignments and its effect on your grade
  • Time-management and a stress free end-of-semester
  • Taking general education classes seriously to maintain a higher GPA
  • Maintaining an air of professionalism even with a cool professor because grading and classroom persona may not have much in common
  • Attending class and avoiding tardiness
  • Participating in class when something is unclear and when important information can be related

The workshop dealt with the various elements that comprise a professional student life. Students will hopefully realize that hardly any aspect of their academic lives exists in a vacuum by itself, and that they need to know the importance of each section of their academic environment to succeed.


  • Student-Faculty Retreats
  • Academic Honesty
  • Helping Students Become More Self-Regulated Learners
  • Effective Classroom Participation
  • Is Math Doing a Number on You
  • Final Exams and Final Projects: A Survival Guide