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Institutional Effectiveness Council

Motions 2017-2018, 2018-2019



Date/Senate Motion/Link to file Topic Action

2018-10-18 PEPC

Cultural Competence


A program-initiated discontinuance by Anthropology for the Cultural Competence skills certificate.  
2018-10-18 PEPC Hiring Prioritizations Motion amended to add a statement from the Senate regarding counselors for the Black Scholars and Dream Resource Center.  
2018-05-17 Sustainability Resolution A resolution from the ASU in favor of establishing a sustainability coordinator position at each of the nine campuses  Approved
2018-05-17 Prerequisite Sweeping To sweep students from courses when they have not met prerequisites (beginning fall 2019) Approved
2018-05-17 OIE Data Module Review To add a data module review by the Office of Institutional Effectiveness (OIE) as part of the Program Review (PR) process Approved
2018-05-17 PEPC Hiring Prioritization Process

To update the hiring prioritization process for certain instructional requests

2018-05-17 PEPC Discontinuance Form

To update the form for program-initiated discontinuance

2018-05-17 ESL Protocol Placement To approve a protocol for ESL placement Approved
2018-05-17 EPC to Senate Core Values To approve the revised Core Values Approved with amendment to add Core Value #3
2018-05-17 Admissions International Students To clarify the requirements for admissions for international (F-1 visa) students Approved
2018-04-19 Updated Water Motion Update of previous water bottle ban motion  Approved
2018-04-19 VCCC ensure programs attainable Ensures scheduling for completion; Provides clarification on monitoring and restricted electives Approved
2018-03-15 CDEC Canvas Training 2-step Establish 2-step process for Canvas certification Tabled pending action from EPC
2018-03-15 Int'l Student Recruitment program To recruit F-1 visa students Approved
2018-03-15 English AA Discontinuance English AA Discontinuance Approved
2018-02-15 Mission Statement Revised College Mission Statement Approved
2017-11-16 Guided Pathways SelfAssessment Guided Pathways Self Assessment Approved
2017-10-19 Ratify Hiring Prior ranking Approve Hiring Prioritization ranking Approved
2017-10-19 Funding Requests Increase holiday party funding Approved
2017-10-19 10k Foundation Endowment 10k Foundation Endowment Withdrawn 
2017-10-19  Integrated Plan Motion Approve Integrated Plan BSI, Equity, and SSSP Approved
2017-09-21 Hiring Prior guidelines-rubric Update Hiring Prioritization handbook Approved
2017-05-18 Update viability handbook triggers Updated viability triggers Approved
2017-05-18 Solar Program Discontinuance Discontinue Solar program Approved
2017-05-18 OAC Motion to PEPC re: SLO Archiving  OAC/SLO cycle Approved
2017-05-18 Merge CSIS CSIT/CAOT merge Approved
2017-05-18 IEPI 2017-2018 Institutional Effectiveness Partnership Initiative (IEPI) Framework Indicator Goals  Approved
2017-05-18 Follow Up Report 2017 Accreditation follow-up report Approved
2017-05-18 Endowment Establish an $10k endowment Denied
2017-04-20 Paperist Motion Prohibits paper handouts at Senate meetings Approved
2017-04-20 Hiring handbook Hiring handbook Motion split; President's language regarding policy denied; handbook approved with amendments
2017-03-16 Viability Triggers Viability triggers Amended, Postponed
2017-02-16 Senate Room Senate and AFT will split costs for Senate Room Approved
2016-12-15 PEPC Institution Set Standards Institution Set Standards Approved
2016-12-15 Emergency DACA Resolution Emergency DACA Resolution Approved
2016-11-17 Water bottles Water bottle ban at events Approved
2016-11-17 VeriCite Begin free 90 day trial of Vericite Motion denied
2016-11-17 NCAPS Membership Guidelines  New Courses and Programs Subcommittee (NCAPS) procedure for selecting committee members Approved
2016-10-20 Rankings 2016 Hiring Priotization rank list, 2016  Approved
2016-10-20 OAC motion SLO assessment/archive schedule Motion was returned to OAC
2016-09-15 PD Contribution Professional Development funding Approved
2016-09-15 My LAVC Portal Motion Eliminate LAVC Portal before Spring 2017 Approved
2016-09-15 DE Substantive Change Accept DE Substantive Change Report for ACCJC Approved
2016-05-19 Web Enhanced Canvas training required for web enhanced classes Approved
2016-05-19 PEPC to Senate. Customer Service Discontinuance Customer Service Discontinuance Approved
2016-05-19 PEPC to Senate. Broadcasting Separtation Motion Media Arts/Broadcasting separation Approved
2016-05-19 Enrollment Plan 2016-17 Approve Enrollment Plan Approved
2016-05-19 Curricunet Approve CurricUNET as catalog developer Approved
2016-04-21 Web Enhanced Canvas certification for web enhanced classes Motion was returned to CDEC for more information 
2016-04-21 Priority Registration Priority registration for athletes Approved
2016-04-21 Portal Elimiiate My LAVC Portal Approved
2016-04-21 OER Open Educational Resources Adoption Approved
2016-03-17 Adjunct rank Add a second rank for adjunct, rank awarded for time served Rank awarded for time served passes, second rank fails to pass
2016-03-17 ESL Create ESL department Approved
2016-03-17 Curriculum Workflow Language Curriculum Workflow Withdrawn; addressed at the district level
2016-03-17 CDEC/Canvas Proficiency Proficiency/Certification Canvas Approved
2015-11-19 OEI Canvas/Online Education Initiative (OEI) Approved
2015-11-19 Equity Plan Equity Plan Approved
2015-11-19 Accreditation Quality Focus Essay/Accreditation report approval Approved
2015-10-15 Probationary faculty motion Probationary faculty senate membership Approved
2015-10-15 3SP 2015-2016 Senate Motion SSSP Plan Approved
2015-09-17 Line Items Approve Senate Line Items Approved
2015-09-17 EQUITY Approve Equity Professional Dev. Funding Approved
2015-09-17 Basic Skills Action Plan Approve Basic Skills Initiative (BSI) draft of Action Plan. Approved
2015-02-18 EPC Motion Enrollment Plan 2016-2017 Enrollment Plan Approve