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Graduating Students


Degrees & Certificates


Los Angeles Valley College offers the following AA/AS Degree and Certificate Programs:

(For specific degree and certificate requirements consult the Catalog and/or see a counselor)


= Associate of Arts Degree      CA    = Certificate of Achievement
AS = Associate of Science Degree   SC = Skills Certificate
AA-T = Associate in Arts for Transfer Degree   NC = Noncredit Certificate of Completion
AS-T = Associate in Science for Transfer Degree      

To file for graduation, go to the Graduation Office.

To file for a Certificate, go to Academic Affairs.

Gainful Employment Data by Program





General (See Counseling) CSU Breadth AA CA
Elementary Teacher Education AA-T  
General Studies: Arts AA  
General Studies: Natural Science AA  
General Studies: Social & Behavioral Sciences AA  
Intersegmental General Education Transfer (IGETC)   CA
Liberal Studies: Multiple Subject Teacher Prep AA  
Anthropology Anthropology AA-T  
Cultural Competency   SC
Art     Art History


Art: Graphic Design AA CA
Art: Studio Arts AA-T  
Art: Three Dimensional Design AA  
Art: Two Dimensional Studio AA  
Biological Sciences  Biology AS, AS-T  
Biotechnology/Biomanufacturing   SC
Business Administration Accounting AA CA
Banking and Finance AA CA 
Business Administration AS-T  
Business Management   CA
Management AA CA
Marketing AA CA
Real Estate AA CA
Property Management   CA
Chemistry/Physics Chemistry AS  


Child Development Child Development AA  
Child Development: Associate Teacher, Preschool (A)   CA
Child Development: Associate Teacher, Preschool Literacy (E)   SC
Child Development: Associate Teacher, Special Education (F)   SC
Child Development: Director, Preschool (B)   CA
Child Development: Early Childhood Education


Child Development: Infant/Toddler Care Teacher (D)   CA
Child Development: School Age Day Care (C)   CA
Child Development: Special Education AA  
Child Development: Teacher   CA
Communication Studies Communication Studies AA-T  
Computer Applications & Office Technology    CAOT: Administrative Assistant AA CA
CAOT: Computer Applications Specialist AA CA
CAOT: General Office Assistant   CA
CAOT: Website Software Specialist   SC
Continuing Education English as a Second Language I   NC
English as a Second Language II   NC
English as a Second Language III   NC
English as a Second Language IV   NC
English as a Second Language - Speech   NC
ESL Civics I   NC
ESL Civics II   NC
Microcomputer Literacy   NC
Workplace Success   NC
Earth Science Earth Science AS  


Geology AS  
Emergency Services Administration of Justice AA, AS-T CA
Correctional Science AA CA
Fire Technology AS CA, SC
Homeland Security   SC
English English


Foreign Languages Foreign Languages AA  
French AA  
German AA  
Italian AA  
Spanish AA, AA-T  
Spanish Language


Health Sciences Registered Nurse AS  
Respiratory Therapy AS CA
History/Humanities/Law/Political Science History


Humanities AA  
Political Science


Mathematics Mathematics AS-T  
Media Arts          Broadcasting AA  
Broadcasting: Performance AA CA
Broadcasting: Radio AA CA
Broadcasting: Television AA CA
Cinema Arts AA  
Cinema Production   CA
Cinema Styles   CA
Film, Television, and Electronic Media AS-T  
Journalism: Magazine AA CA
Journalism: Newspaper AA CA
Journalism: Photojournalism AA CA
Media Arts: Directing AA CA
Media Arts: Post-Production AA CA
Media Arts: Producing AA CA
Media Arts: Screenwriting AA CA
Music       Commercial Music AA  
Commercial Music: Instrumental/Vocal Performer   CA
Commercial Music: Jazz Studies   CA
Commercial Music: Music Arranging   CA
Commercial Music: Music Notation   CA
Commercial Music: Music Technology   CA
Music AA, AA-T  
Philosophy/Economics    Economics AA, AA-T  
Hebrew Studies AA  
Jewish Studies AA  


Physical Education Physical Education AA  
Kinesiology AA-T  
Psychology   Psychology


Psychology: Developmental AA  
Psychology: Social and Personality AA  
Sociology/Ethnic Studies   Chicano Studies AA  
Ethnic Studies AA  


Sociology: Social Welfare AA  
Technology .NET Programming   SC
A+/Net+ Certification Preparation   SC
Architecture   CA
C/C++   SC
Computer Graphics/Design   CA
Computer Science AS  
Computer Science Programming   CA
Electronics AS  
Electronics Technician   CA
Electronics Technology   CA
Electronics: Biomedical Instrumentation AS CA
Engineering AS  
Engineering Technology: Industrial/Manufacturing AS CA
Engineering Technology: Mechanical Engineering AS  
Manufacturing Technology: Metal Machining AS CA
Manufacturing Technology: Numerical Control AS CA
Mechanical Drafting Design AS CA
Mechanical Engineering Technology   CA
Microcomputer Systems   SC
Sustainable Construction Management AS CA
Theater      Theater Arts


Theater Arts: Acting AA  
Theater Arts: Directing AA  
Theater Arts: Technical AA  
Theater Production   CA
Theatrical Performance   SC
Musical Theater   SC