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reVitalizing Valley

Message from the President


LAVC President photo
Dr. Erika Endrijonas

Welcome to the Los Angeles Valley College "Revitalizing Valley" web site. Valley College has been part of this community since 1949 and thanks to your support the revitalization of our campus is more than 50% complete. Throughout our building program the college has been working with our College Citizens' Building Oversight Committee (CBOC). The CBOC is comprised of local homeowners, business and community leaders, students, and senior citizens. Regular meetings are conducted to keep the CBOC up-to-date on the many improvements taking place at Valley. Information posted on this website is also provided to the CBOC.

If you have driven past the college recently you have undoubtedly noticed some of the changes we have made over the past few years. Since 2006, we have completed the following projects:

Many more of our Facilities Master Plan projects will be constructed over the next four years. They include the following:

  • ADA improvements to existing buildings, continuing throughout 2012-16
  • The Valley Academic and Cultural Center (media arts and performing arts facility), scheduled to break ground this year
  • Improvements to our athletics facilities including an Athletic Training Facility and new baseball, softball and practice fields, scheduled to be completed in 2016
  • A Student Union building, housing the bookstore and cafeteria, scheduled to be completed by the end of this year
  • An Administration and Career Advancement building (Community Workforce Development / Administration building) scheduled to be completed by 2017
  • Campus Center Renovation, creating more technology and general classrooms
  • Central Plant upgrade
  • Grounds, walkways, and signage improvements

The building projects will come to a close at the end of 2018. At that point we will be demolishing any remaining "temporary" bungalows which have served us since the college was founded over 60 years ago. The removal of the bungalows signals a new era for Valley College. Throughout this decade of construction we have continued to focus on the learning needs of our students. Our new facilities will make our efforts even more successful.

Valley College would like to thank the voters for supporting Measures A/AA and J. This support has allowed us to make major improvements to our college. By upgrading our facilities, our students receive their education in settings that match today's industry standards. Our updated Educational and Facilities Master Plans, which will help drive the college's vision for the future, are posted on our college web site if you would like to read the whole story.

Thank you again for your continued support of Valley College


Erika Endrijonas
Los Angeles Valley College