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Construction / Parking Updates

The following construction projects are currently taking place at Los Angeles Valley College.

Should there be an emergency, please contact the LAVC Sheriff's Office at (818) 947-2911.


Posted: 08/01/16

Upgrade of Fire Alarm System in Various Buildings on Campus

August 1-26, 2016

Beginning Monday, August 1, a fire alarm system upgrade will take place in various buildings until August 26. The alarms will be offline in the following areas during the dates indicated: Behavioral Science, Engineering, Math Science, and all Bungalows from August 1-August 5, Foreign Language, Music, Theater Arts, and Campus Center from August 8-August 12, the North Gym, South Gym, Emergency Services Training Building, and the Central Plant from August 15-August 19, and Admin 1, 2, 3, and the CPT Trailer from August 22-August 26.   Access to the buildings will be limited while the upgrade is taking place. The contractor will be working from 6 am-2:30 pm or later.  There will be fire watches provided as needed when there are occupants in the building during the week.


Updated: 07/15/16

LA City Roadway Improvement Project Scheduled to Close a Portion of Ethel Avenue

July 19-August 16, 2016

The City of Los Angeles will begin roadway improvements on a portion of Ethel Avenue on Tuesday, July 19. The project is scheduled to be completed within four weeks, providing no extenuating circumstances arise. The roadway improvement work involves grinding the existing asphalt and repaving Ethel Avenue from Oxnard Street to Hatteras Street.

Please note: If all goes according to plan, the city anticipates that Ethel Avenue will be closed from Tuesday, July 19-Wednesday, July 20, 2016.

While the project is in progress, temporary “no parking” signs will be posted on the street at least 24 hours before actual work begins to provide notice. When work is not in progress between the preparation and resurfacing phases, signs will be reversed to allow for vehicular parking.

During the roadway improvement project duration, the city also advises that driving should be limited within the project area to avoid possible damage to your vehicle. Access will be restricted within the project area when the street is being coated with liquid asphalt, prior to resurfacing the street. When the crew are working, there will be construction equipment and trucks in the area. Please be aware that the trucks will be exiting the campus via Coldwater Extension.The equipment may be of interest to children, so please be careful and ask children to avoid the equipment and worksite area.

Students, Faculty, Staff and Guests—Access to the campus parking Structure will be from the Oxnard Street campus entrance (at Campus Drive), which is located to the west of the Child Development and Family Complex. Vehicles will be able to drive south on Campus Drive, turn left onto Emelita Street, and enter the northern entrance of the Parking Structure on Emelita Street. The instersection at Ethel Avenue and Hatteras Street will remain open. View campus map.

Please check back on this Web page for the latest information about this roadway improvement project.


Posted: 06/29/16

Redirecting of Pedestrian Traffic at South Sidewalk of Fulton Circle for Construction Fence

June 30-August 1, 2016

On Thursday, June 30, a temporary construction fence will be erected on the south side of Fulton Circle to allow for the demolition of the sidewalk and construction of the new fire department access area for the Community Workforce Development Center. During this time, pedestrian traffic on the south side of Fulton Circle will be redirected to the north side of the circle. Please refer to this site map for the location of the construction activity. Vehicular traffic will not be affected. There will be noise from concrete breakers for up to two days. In addition, the construction site will be sprayed with water to reduce dust. Work time will be between 6 a.m.-4 p.m. For more information please contact Bruce Johnson of Build-LACCD at (818) 756-0950.


Posted: 02/03/16

Permanent Closure of Parking Lot L and M, Weight Room, Bungalow 78, and Field House

February 11-August 31, 2016

Beginning Thursday, February 11, Parking Lot L and M, Weight Room, Bungalow 78, and the Field House will be permanently closed. The closure is estimated to be completed by August 31, 2016. During this time, the eastern side of Ethel Avenue will also be partially closed for parking . Please refer to this map to see the location of the closure, which will be surrounded by a construction fence. The area is the location south of the Community Services Center, east of Ethel Avenue, west of the Monarch Athletic Center, and north of Burbank Blvd. The contractor laydown will be onsite at parking Lot L.  For more information please contact Mike Pope of Build-LACCD at (818) 756-0950.


Posted: 07/30/15

No Parking Graphic

Closure of College Road South Parking Spaces Near Parking Lot A for the Expansion of the Administration & Career Advancement Building Construction Fence

July 31, 2015-September 16, 2016

On Friday, July 31, Pankow will be expanding the construction fence for the Administration & Career Advancement building project (formerly called the Valley Glen Gateway or the Community Workforce Development Center) on College Road South to include the area immediately north of Parking Lot A in front of the Student Services Center. This will affect the parking spaces immediately north of Parking Lot A near the northwest side of the Student Services Center until the anticipated end of construction in September 2016. Please refer to this site plan to see the exact location of the fence expansion, which will provide needed storage space for structural steel and steel decking related to the Administration and Career Development Building project. For more information regarding this project, please contact Bruce Johnson of Build-LACCD at (818) 756-0950.


Revised: 7/30/15

Under Construction GraphicConstruction Activity to Commence for the Administration & Career Advancement Building

October 22, 2014-September 16, 2016

Beginning Wednesday, October 22, site clearance, demolition, and other construction activities is scheduled to begin for the new Administration and Career Advancement Project (formerly referred to as the Valley College Gateway or the Community Workforce Development Center). The initial construction activities of demolition and site clearance involve construction equipment which will cause a noticeable noise impact for the first few weeks. The buildings most affected by the noise and construction impacts will be the Foreign Language Building, Humanities Building, and the Library and Academic Resource Center. The work will take place from 6 a.m.-4 p.m., until the estimated completion date on September 16, 2016. For more information regarding this project, please contact Bruce Johnson of Build-LACCD at (818) 756-0950.


  Posted: 10/01/14

Construction Barricade GraphicClosure of Entrance to College Road South Parking Lot Due to Completion of Construction Fencing around the Old Administration Building

October 3, 2014-March 23, 2016

Starting Friday, October 3, Pankow will be completing the erection of the construction fence around the old Administration Building to make way for the commencement of the Administration and Career Advancement (formerly called the Valley College Gateway) building construction. As a result, the parking lot at College Road South will be closed to vehicular traffic and pedestrians from the roundabout at the College's Fulton Avenue Main Entrance to the Student Services Center. Please refer to this site logistics plan [PDF: 513KB] for details. The area within the site will become a construction site with construction of temporary power beginning on Monday, October 6. The estimated completion date for the Valley Glen Gateway project is March 23, 2016. For more information regarding this project, please contact Bruce Johnson of Build-LACCD at (818) 756-0950.



View Campus Map (with current construction areas)