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Construction / Parking Updates

The following construction projects are currently taking place at Los Angeles Valley College.

Should there be an emergency, please contact the LAVC Sheriff's Office at (818) 947-2911.

Posted 5/25/18

Construction tools signRepair Work at Community Services Center, Administration & Career Advancement, and the Ethel Avenue Sidewalk near Allied Health & Sciences Center

June 4-18, 2018

Beginning on Monday, June 4, repairs are scheduled to take place on three separate campus locations. 

The repair work includes:

  • Replacing the floor in the Community Services Center's (CSC) Multipurpose Room starting at 6 a.m. on June 4; work will be completed within two weeks,
  • Repairing the doors on the northwest entrance of the Administration & Career Advancement (ACA) building,
  • Demolition and replacement of LA City sidewalk on Ethel Avenue north of the Allied Health and Sciences Center (AHS) from June 6-11

While the repair work is being completed, there may be impacts to pedestrian access, noise from construction equipment, and closures of access to some roads and parking. 

For more information please contact Craig Speecher of Build-LACCD at (818) 756-0950 or


Posted: 09/09/16

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Installation of the Valley Academic and Cultural Center Construction Fencing, Permanent Closure of Parking Lot C & Restriping of Parking Lot B 

September 10, 2016-December 2018

Starting Saturday, September 10, activites related to the construction of the new Valley Academic and Cultural Center (VACC) will begin.

Parking Lot B will be restriped to delete parking stalls and create a east-west roadway in the lot. In addition, new construction fencing for the VACC project will be installed, and Parking Lot C will permanently close. In Parking lot B, a number of parking stalls will be removed, and a new vehicle access lane will be striped to create a new two-lane vehicle pathway north of a new temperary construction fence starting September 10.

Following that, new construction fencing will be installed that will permenently close Lot C, and the current pedestrian pathways between the Music Building and Campus Drive to Parking Lot B will not be accessible. New paths will be identified / added to facilitate pedestrian traffic around the construction site. Please refer to this map.

For more information please contact Craig Speecher of Build-LACCD at (818) 756-0950 or


View Campus Map (with current construction areas)