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From the Desk of the President


January 29, 2016

Updates from the Double-Wide

Hello Monarch Family!

With only one week left of Winter Intercession and the start of the Spring semester on the horizon, I thought I might share a few important updates with you.

First, attached to this email, please find a revised list of the team that will be coming to visit LAVC March 7th through the 10th.  It’s common to have last minute changes to the list of evaluators, and as you can see from the attachment, a student services vice president was added to the list.  However, the changes aren’t over, as Dr. David Wain Coon had to withdraw from the team earlier this week.  I was hoping to send out a final list today, but the ACCJC has not chosen his replacement yet.  Suffice it to say that we will definitely have a team of 13 people on our campus for the visit, and I will update this list as soon as we know the name of the replacement CEO. 

This past Monday, the Visiting Team Chair, Dr. Thomas Greene and the Team Assistant, Dr. Adam Karp, visited the campus to get a tour, to see where the team room would be (in the library like last time), and to meet with senior management and the Accreditation Steering committee.  It was a nice, relaxed visit.  Dr. Greene and Dr. Karp asked some great questions and seemed genuinely interested in making their time on our campus constructive and informative.  Afterwards, they toured the Sportsmen Lodge, where they will be staying during the visit.  Unlike the visit in 2013, there is a separate team devoted to visiting the district, so we should have most, if not all, of the team on campus for the entire length of the visit.  Soon, we will begin to get requests to schedule individual and group meetings with team members; the team will also host two different campus-wide forums to provide students, faculty and staff with an opportunity to discuss the institution with them.  We will have at least one “Town Hall Meeting” in February to discuss the visit and to answer any questions y’all might have about the process and how to prepare.  Since LAVC has been on the “accreditation treadmill” for four years, I am confident that we will be fully prepared when the team arrives to answer their questions to demonstrate what an awesome institution this is.  As with other emails, though, I am going again remind/request that you take a little time to familiarize yourself with the Self-Evaluation prior to the team’s arrival.  And, if you can’t find your “What’s Your Standard” bracelet(s), feel free to stop by my office for some replacements prior to the visit.

Second, our athletic program began to move into the Monarch Athletic Center yesterday, and the building will be fully operational by the start of the Spring semester.  The fencing around the Monarch Athletic Center has been moved around old gymnastics building, the demolition of which will begin sometime in the next couple of weeks to make way for the new football practice field.  All signs point to us taking possession of the Student Union building by next Friday, February 5th. While moving into that building prior to the start of classes would have been ideal, we are just thankful that the building will be done.  It will be a game-changer for students:  a comfortable, friendly place for students to hang out that includes the Bookstore, the Cafeteria (yes, it will be open), not to mention the Business Office.  If you haven’t seen the Monarch lion lit up at night, you are in for a real treat.  We are nearing the start of construction on the Valley Academic and Cultural Center building.  It should have started several months ago, but a few legal issues delayed it.  The new Administration and Career Advancement building is really coming along and appears to be on track for completion by mid to late October.  Finally, we are currently trying to schedule an unveiling of Kent Twitchell’s iconic “Freeway Lady” mural for later this spring.

Finally, with the start of the Spring semester, it means the return of my office hours

  • Faculty:  Tuesday, February 23rd, 1:00-2:30 pm
  • Staff:  Wednesday, February 24th, 10:30 am-12:00 pm

As always, there will be candy available, and if you are lucky, I may still have a few Girl Scout cookies to share as well.  As the mother of a Girl Scout, I must do my part in sharing the joy of Thin Mints!

I hope you all have had a nice January, and I am looking forward to seeing the college humming with students on February 9th!

Take care,


Dr. Erika Endrijonas
Los Angeles Valley College

Download a copy of President Endrijonas Campus Update Email - January 29, 2016 [PDF: 73 kB]; Attachment: Revised List ACCJC Visiting Team [PDF: 132 kB]


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