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From the Desk of the President


Perfect Weather, Perfect Day!

June 14, 2015

Hello Monarch Family:

As I write this, I know some of you are in the first weekend of your summer vacation, while others are downloading rosters and getting prepared for the start of summer school tomorrow morning.  I  am doing neither of those things; instead, I am preparing to do my civic duty, AKA jury duty, in Ventura County starting tomorrow morning.  I imagine I will be in the company of many educators who put off jury duty until the end of the school year.

If you weren’t at graduation last Thursday morning, you missed a great day.  It was overcast, with a little mist in the air right up until the start of the graduation ceremony at 9:00 am.  While many people questioned the wisdom of a morning graduation throughout the academic year, to a person, the feedback was positive, especially because the temperature was so perfect.  Academic Senate President Josh Miller’s “Charge to the Graduating Class” was thoughtful and we even learned a bit about his own academic path to LAVC as a faculty member.  He also took a great “selfie video” with the graduating class.  Krystal Hill, the student speaker, offered some inspiring words to her fellow graduates, with an over-arching message of how important it is to keep trying regardless of the challenges that arise.  Dr. Chito Cajayon, Vice Chancellor of Economic and Workforce Development, offered greetings on behalf of Chancellor Francisco Rodriguez and the District.  Trustee Nancy Pearlman gave a memorable speech that included snippets from history and comments about her interest in the environment.  At least 400 students participated in the ceremony, along with a number of faculty who seemed to be enjoying the day almost as much as the students.  I hope faculty who were not there will consider joining us next year.

Graduation is my favorite day of the year, because it’s exciting to see so many students complete their goal of earning a degree, and because it’s a day where the campus community comes together to make the students’ celebration possible.  I would be remiss if I didn’t give a huge shout out to all of the people who worked so hard to make it a smooth, wonderful day. Associate Dean Liz Negrete and the entire Graduation Committee did an awesome job of planning the ceremony which included managing a multitude of details.  Vice President of Student Services Tino Manzano helped keep the Platform Party on track, especially me as the “newbie” on the LAVC stage this year.  Facilities Director Tom Lopez and his Maintenance and Operations staff did a great job cleaning up the campus and setting up for the graduation, and almost as soon as it was over, taking it all down.  Deputy Velasco and his staff did an excellent job of navigating the crowds of students and family members around the ATF construction zone. Countless staff and administrators helped to keep the event flowing smoothly, from lining up the students and faculty to march into graduation to passing out graduation programs to helping audience members to their seats, these folks in their stylish “LAVC Graduation 2015” t-shirts did a fabulous job.

Thank you for an amazing first academic year as President of LAVC and welcome to Summer!  I am not scheduling any official office hours over the summer, but feel free to stop by the double-wide for a piece of candy and a quick hello.

As always, LAVC ROCKS!


Dr. Erika Endrijonas
Los Angeles Valley College



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