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From the Desk of the President


August 30, 2015

Welcome to Fall 2015

Hello Monarchs!

Just a quick note to welcome y’all to the start of Fall 2015!  I hope everyone is as excited as I am to greet the 2015-2016 academic year.  As I write this, I am watching the Oakland Raiders play the Arizona Cardinals in pre-season NFL football, and I am anxiously awaiting the start of both college and professional football over the next couple of weeks.  As you can imagine, hope springs eternal for my USC Trojans and Dallas Cowboys to both have great seasons!

When you arrive on campus this week, if you drive down Burbank, you will notice the return of Parking Lot G at the corner of Burbank and Coldwater Canyon.  Clark Construction and our campus program staff, led by Mark Strauss, did an amazing job of putting the finishing touches on the parking lot.  We had hoped to have the new baseball and softball fields finished as well, but we ran into a few last-minute issues with DSA.  We are hoping to have those resolved quickly so that we can show off the spectacular new fields.  The crews did a phenomenal amount of work over the weekend, the hottest of the summer thus far, to complete this project.

As I told the faculty during the Opening Day festivities last Thursday, a significant amount of energy this year will be spent on our student success effort, especially as it relates to retention and implementing our Student Equity Plan.  Our growth target for this year is about 3%, and quite frankly, the best way to meet and/or exceed this target is to make sure that the students who start this Fall continue into the Spring and beyond.  Doing so will help us to meet our goal of having more students earn a degree or certificate, too.  To this end, over the summer, rather than hiring one Librarian, we hired two Librarians, bringing the total number to 5, in anticipation of opening the Library additional hours, including at least 6 hours on Saturday.  Having a place for students to study and to seek help is a key part of helping them to succeed and stay to complete a degree.

Office hours with the QOTDW are back!  Here are the hours for faculty and staff, and I will work with the ASU to schedule the student office hours.

  • Faculty Hours:  Monday, September 21st, 11:00-12:30, President’s Office
  • Staff Hours:  Monday, September 21st, 1:00-2:30, President’s Office

Throughout the year, you will be hearing more about Title IX than you have in previous years.  While most people associate Title IX just with Athletics, it actually applies to a great deal more, and the federal government has significantly increased our accountability for all elements covered under Title IX.  To this end, we have restructured student services a bit in order to designate Dr. Liz Negrete as the Title IX Coordinator for the college.  Her duties as Title IX Coordinator include the following:

  • overseeing the College’s compliance with Title IX (Federal Law regarding sex discrimination, harassment, stalking, and relationship violence involving students or employees)
  • Providing training/education to employees and students
  • Reporting cases of sexual misconduct to the District- Office of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
  • Handling all complaints of sexual misconduct involving both students and employees

Be on the lookout for training regarding these issues, and please contact Dr. Negrete if you have any questions.

Our budget for the coming year continues to look positive.  As you know, we ended last year in the black, and the legislature was kind to community colleges in the state budget for this year. The Board of Trustees will be voting on the final budget at their meeting on Wednesday, and once we have a clear picture of the final numbers, I will send along more information.  As we start classes, we are up by about 1% in enrollments, but we need to grow by more than that this year, so we need to remain vigilant about adding students where there are spaces, and encouraging students who don’t get into their first choice of classes to consider taking a Late Start class, and more information about those will be coming soon, too.

So, as a new year begins, QOTDW wants to remind everyone that we all play a role in the success of our college.  To that end, QOTDW reminds y’all  to KYBITBAYEOT or “keep your budgets in the black and your enrollments on track”! 

Happy Fall! 


Dr. Erika Endrijonas
Los Angeles Valley College

Download a copy of President Endrijonas Campus Update Email - August 30, 2015 [PDF: 82 kB]


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