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From the Desk of the President


February 4, 2018

Welcome to Spring 2018!


Hello Monarch Family!

Well, well, well!  QOTTH ("Queen of The Tree House") is quite pleased with the outcome of Super Bowl LII!  It was a close game, the outcome was in question right up until the final minute of the game, Philadelphia won its first championship….oh, and it ended the coronation of Tom Brady and the Patriots….at least for the time being.  Six months to pre-season football!

Our Spring semester starts tomorrow, and I wish I could say that our enrollments were strong, but similar to what’s happening across California (and the nation, too), we are down as a college and as a district.  At this point, none of the colleges in our district is on target to make its base enrollment compared to last year.  Because it is unlikely that we will make base this year, our district is currently in what’s known as a “hold harmless” year, which means that we will not lose money because we do not make our base.  So, we are focused on generating as much FTES as possible this year, but we will most likely shift our Summer FTES into next year when we might have a better chance of making base.

While none of this is good news, there might be a ray of light for all districts experiencing enrollment challenges in the form of a new funding formula that is being developed and is projected to be in place by July 1, 2018.  The significance of the change of formula is it will move the California Community Colleges away from its current FTES model which is based solely on enrollments towards one that includes enrollments, the demographics of our students, and our student success/completion rates.  I have attached a recent PowerPoint presentation by Dr. Bob Miller, Vice Chancellor of Finance and Resource Development, that details the Governor’s budget proposal (PDF), but the salient points related to our funding model are as follows:

New CCC Funding Formula

  • The Governor proposes $175 million to fund the transition of community colleges to a new Student-Focused Funding Formula for general apportionments similar to the K-12 Local Control Funding Formula (LCFF)
  • Base Grant (50% of funding) - based on enrollment using a per fulltime equivalent student (FTES) funding rate, similar to the current general apportionment calculation
  • Supplemental Grant (25% of funding) - based on the number of low income students who receive a College Promise Grant (formerly Board of Governors) fee waiver or Pell Grant
  • Student Success Incentive Grant (25% of funding) - based on the number of degrees and certificates granted and the number of students completing them in three years or less, with additional funds for each Associate Degree for Transfer granted.

We will know when the Governor’s “May Revise” budget comes out in early May whether this new formula will be in place for 2018-2019, but it appears from all sources in Sacramento that this is the direction we are headed.  While some are concerned about the Student Success Incentive Grant piece because it will introduce us to a partial “performance-based funding model,” our district stands to receive a great deal of funding because we serve so many low income students.  As well, the $175 million of transitional funding will help provide stable funding as we try to reach our funded base from last year.  

Speaking of the train leaving the station, the attached PowerPoint also describes the Governor’s plan for a 115th California Community College which will be entirely online.  The Governor and some key people in the Chancellor’s Office believe that this new online college will not compete with the online course offerings at the other 114 community colleges.  They believe this entirely online college will be designed to provide working adults with access to training that the current online offerings do not provide.  As you can probably imagine, this is a very hot issue and I expect a significant amount of debate between now and the May Revise….and beyond.

In terms of faculty hiring, it looks like we will be hiring a minimum of 5 new faculty for next year, with the possibility of hiring a maximum of 11 faculty.  I know it seems odd to be speaking about faculty hiring as up in the air as we go into the start of Spring, but the district is still determining how many faculty we are required to hire to meet the Faculty Obligation Number, especially with our fluctuating/declining enrollment numbers.  I will be finalizing the list of the first 5 faculty in the next week, although I can tell you the first two positions to be filled will be Nursing (because we are down three nursing faculty and we have to meet Board of Registered Nursing licensure requirements) and the Theater position that I deferred for two years due to the Valley Academic and Cultural Center building delays. Stay tuned.

It’s time for office hours again!  If you are not too full of Valentine’s candy, come on by the treehouse for a piece of candy!

Again, welcome to Spring 2018!  I appreciate all of your hard work and our fabulous community at THE Valley College!


Erika A. Endrijonas, Ph.D.
Los Angeles Valley College
5800 Fulton Avenue
Valley Glen, CA  91401
Twitter:  @LAVCPrez

Download a copy of President Endrijonas Campus Email - February 4, 2018 [PDF]; Attachment: 2018-2019_Gov_Budget-Bud_and_Finance_Presentation _1-24-18 [PDF]



From the Desk of President Endrijonas