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Program Effectiveness & Planning Committee (PEPC)

Program Review


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Annual Plan and Comprehensive Program Review 

The program review and annual plan processes provide a foundation for planning and continuous institutional improvement. Through these processes, programs are able to recognize their strengths and past achievements, identify areas in need of improvement, and set goals and plan for the future. These efforts need to be data-drive, ongoing, systematic and institution-wide to be effective. Planning should be based on research and be reviewed through LAVCs governance process to ensure coordination and integration of various campus plans.

The program review process provides the framework for developing a six year strategic plan that connects not only to the program's long term vision of student success but also to other reports and activities such as accreditation, the Educational Master Plan and other campus plans. Annual plans and program review form the basis for resource requests and allow the college a means for linking budget and planning

Every year all campus programs and services will complete an Annual Plan. It is best to think of the annual planss as "mini" program reviews. Similar questions and information make up the Annual Plans and Program Reviews. Comprehensive program reviews occur every six years and should utilize the information compiled in previous annual plans. Annual plans focus on short-term planning while program reviews allow for more in-depth analysis and long-range planning.

Each instructional program is also responsible for updating their course outlines every five years in a staggered cycle.  Any program that is not current with curriculum updates is considered not current in the program review cycle.  The status of each program in the Cycle 3 curriculum updates may be found here [PDF: 15KB].  For more information on updating curriculum, please see the Curriculum Committee website.

The Program Review process is fully documented in the Program Review Handbook [PDF: 194KB].

All programs completed a comprehensive program review in 2014-2015 as part of cycle 3.

Current Cycle

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Previous Cycles

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