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Museum Location, Hours and Contact

Museum Hours
Fall 2014
Sept 5, 2014 - Dec 12, 2014
Fridays: 9am - 3pm

The LAVC Historical Museum is open to the general public. The Museum is located on the second floor of the Library & Academic Resource Center

Xiaoyang Liu Behlendorf
(818) 947-2373




Donate Artifacts


Museum Acquisition Policy An old Hotel

The mission of the Museum is to collect, preserve, and promote historical artifacts as it relates to the history of the San Fernando Valley. For those seeking to donate artifacts, the Museum follows a set of criteria in acquiring objects for its collection.

  1. The object must have intrinsic value.
  2. The object must be consistent with and be relevant to the stated purpose, scope, and activities of the Museum.
  3. The Museum does not guarantee that the object will be on display.
  4. The object must be in good condition as evaluated by the museum curator.
  5. The object will be accepted only if the Museum is able to provide proper storage.
  6. The object must have a record of authenticity and provenance.
  7. The object must have a free and clear title.
  8. The Museum will exercise due diligence to ascertain that the object offered was purchased, exchanged, gifted or bequeathed, not stolen, wrongfully converted or   acquired under false pretenses.
  9. Should the Museum agree to acquire an artifact as a donation, then the donation is irrevocable.
  10. All objects must also meet the approval of Los Angeles Valley College for acquisition.