"I can only say that this program is awesome. My son has developed confidence and self-esteem! Thanks to the coaches for their great support!"

                                                                       - - Mirza Diaz


"My daughter enjoyed her first summer at Monarch Camp. She was very excited to go in the morning and always had fun camp songs to sing when I picked her up and drove home in the car. This camp experience has been great for her and I would recommend the camp."

                                                                        - - Belinda Jenks


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      "We are very impressed and happy with the program this summer. It is refreshing to have a child who can't wait to get to camp each day! Keep up the great work!"

                                                                                         - - Kara Gagnier


     "A great experience! Swimming, soccer, beach trips, and cook outs were some favorite activities. One tired and happy camper at the end of every day."

                                                                                          - - Christine Triano


     "The Monarch Summer Camp has been a fantastic experience for both my
daughter (6) and her parents! She has had a blast and I have felt great knowing she has been in great hands with great camp counselors. We will be back every summer, and she will look forward to seeing her friends each year."

                                                                                         - - Kelli Warren

     "Monarch Camp is incredible! All the kids have a smile on their faces. It gives them a chance to be independent while having fun learning all sorts of activities. My son loved the swimming and gymnastics' sessions. He'll definitely be back!"

                                                                                         - - Sean Williams


     "This has been the third year of camp for our son. He has been having the best summers ever at Monarch Camp. Great activities!"

                                                                                          - - Brandon Miller


     "I have mixed feelings about Monarch Summer Camp. While my twins enjoyed their experience, they now sing that interminable 'Mushing Up My Baby Bumble Bee' song 24 hours per day. I guess it's not so bad, though. Thanks for taking such good care of them!"

                                                                                         - - Lynette Rice

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Last Updated: 6/12/14