Celebrating 24 Years of Service to the Local Community!


"The Paralegal Program...has empowered me to obtain greater opportunities and advance into being qualified for positions that allow me to obtain a greater salary... In my current position as a paralegal, I am able to utilize all the skills and tools that I was taught during my time at the academy. This truly played a pivotal role in my life.I would recommend this program to anyone."
  - Lilit Keshishyan
  Extension Program Graduate
“I’ve learned that even though I am unemployed, I shouldn't downplay or disregard my former skills -- that I am still marketable and have things to contribute to the working world."
   - Robin Wright
    Cohort 5
    LA Fellows
"We're savings people's lives, and that' something I wake up and look forward to every day - making a difference in the world."
   - Christian Salgado
    Cohort 7
    Biotech Academy
"I have a good future now with Metro because of the Bridge Program."
   -  Alfonso Chaves
    Metro Bridge Academy