Vocational English Class Yields Exceptional Results

December 7, 2004 -- A class entitled “Vocational English as a Second Language” (VESL) has concluded with results being termed "exceptional." Precision Dynamics Corporation of Maria Carrillo accepts congratulations after finishing VESL class.San Fernando is reporting that of the 28 students beginning the course, all 28 have successfully finished. Additionally, 22 students received post-assessment testing, of which 16 displayed significant improvement in their vocabulary and reading skills.

According to the results, over 70% made substantial progress in their vocabulary and reading skills. Improvement was based on pre and post-assessment testing given by Job Training counselor Helen Shrager.

Final testing revealed:

     • Nine students' skills were improved by one grade level
     • Five students' skills were improved by two grade levels
     • One student's skills were improved by three grade levels
     • One student's skills were improved by four grade levels

Plans for the customized 40-hour course began after Precision Dynamics contacted Los Angeles Valley College’s Job Training office, expressing their need to increase productivity by upgrading the skills of their current workforce. Their goal was to bridge the language chasm that had grown within the company.

Instructor Gary Yates and his assistant, Miriam Panameno, expressed enthusiasm after having worked with their students. Yates reported, "This was an excellent group of individuals. Their desire to achieve and become successful was evident from day one of the class, making it so much easier and enjoyable to teach."

Funding for the course was through the college's grant with the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) office. Job Training has plans to continue working with Precision Dynamics.

Precision Dynamics VESL graduating class.






VESL Graduating Class