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       United Auto Workers Sends 18 to Metro

March 2, 2007 -- Calling it "18-18-18," Job Training Director Lennie Ciufo proudly recognized the United Auto Workers' graduating class. "We had 18 people attend, 18 people graduate, and 18 people pass their motor vehicle test," continued Ciufo, noting that the class was "one of the best group of dedicated students we've had to date. I'm excited that all of them will continue forward with their plans to be hired by the Los Angeles Country Metropolitan Transportation Authority (Metro),"

The students spent their two weeks of instruction learning customer service skills, critical thinking, test taking techniques, and positive study habits. Much of the literature used for the class came from the Metro and DMV manuals.

The festive graduation (held at the Southeast LA-Crenshaw WorkSource Center) was attended by both WorkSource Program Director Mareta Papu-Zuniga and UAW Labor Employment and Training Corporation President and CEO Robert Nelson.

Job Training (who conducted the training) partnered with both the WorkSource Center (who recruited, screened, and prepared the candidates for training) and the Literacy Network of Greater Los Angeles.

To date, the Metro-LAVC partnership has resulted in the preparation of 240 individuals for hiring.

United Auto Workers Graduating Class

United Auto Workers Graduating Class



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