Packed House at Build WorkSource Center
Enjoys Management Seminar

February 24, 2005 - - Beginning with the premise that "managers are Motivational speaker Jim Marteney fields a question at the seminar.teachers," motivational speaker Jim Marteney spoke before a group of 37 guests earlier today at the Build WorkSource Center in Chatsworth.

The workshop, entitled "Personal Empowerment - Managing and Leading, discussed ways in which managers can become more effective when dealing with employees, and included topics such as:

• Emotional Intelligence and using it in your favor
• Different listening skills for improved communication
• Motivational Myths
• The Platinum Rule (treat others as they'd like to be treated)

Job Training Director Lennie Ciufo noted that this was one of the most enthusiastic groups to have attended a Business Success Academy (BSA) seminar. "The response has been quite favorable from all of the attendees," he said, "many of whom have already committed to participating in the next seminar."

Next on the slate for the BSA is the return of the highly popular workshop titled "Marketing - From Strategies to Implementation," slated for Tuesday, March 22, at the Canoga Park WorkSource Center. That workshop will be taught by Martin Cooper, the chairman of Cooper Beavers, Inc., a well-established marketing firm. For information on this or other seminars, contact the BSA headquarters at (818) 947-2927.

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