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Business Seminar Addresses Generational
Differences in the Workplace

September 19, 2007 - - "This is the first time in American history four generations are working side by side in the workplace," explained Dr. Virginia Green, a recognized expert inDr. Virginia Green discusses generational differences in the workplace during a recent seminar at Junior Achievement. business performance. "That can work in a company's favor or against it, depending on the employee's ability to understand the workplace philosophy of each."

Speaking at a recent Business Success Academy (BSA) presentation, Dr. Green discussed the general differences in the work habits between the baby boomer generation, generation X, generation Y, and the millenium generation. More than 60 individuals (representing more than 30 businesses) were on hand, enjoying the multi-media presentation which included two videos, a quiz show, and extensive interaction between Dr. Green and the guests.The event was held at the recently constructed Finance Park, located in the Junior Stephen Chasnov of Metro speaks with Dr. Green during the two-hour seminar.Achievement office near Griffith Park.

Junior Achievement, a strategic partner of LAVC Job Training, developed Finance Park to provide financial management skills to individuals of the surrounding community. Finance Park has been termed "The Disneyland of financial literacy."

Lennie Ciufo, Director of Job Training, stated, "It was great to bring this very important topic to the public's view and also be able to introduce the community to this new facility."

This workshop represents one in a series of business-related seminars Los Angeles Valley College Job Training continues to offer to the local business community.