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Students Ready Themselves for Future Careers

Valley Glen - - In a gathering at Los Angeles Valley College’s Monarch Hall (LAVC), 40 graduates from two groups were awarded certificates of completion after finishing training in their respective programs.

Twenty students of the Youth Policy Institute  Youth Policy Institute finished a four-week course presented by LAVC’s Career Advancement Academy (CAA) in preparation for further training. The students are expected to advance their learning for the fields of nursing, medical front office work, or pharmacy technician.

The second group had previously completed their CAA training and were celebrating the completion of their medical front office training (offered through the West Valley Occupational Center) before moving forward to seek permanent employment.

Some of the graduates, such as Christopher Smith, said he looked forward to completing his medical assistant training so that he may become an active member of the medical community. Speaking before the group, he said, “I feel the skills I have learned here at the Healthcare Career Advancement Academy (positive thinking, hard work, and a belief in myself) will ultimately provide me with the tools I need to accomplish this goal.”

Project director Marcie Sardanis expressed her delight with the graduates, the program, and the relationship with YPI when she said, "It's been an honor for me to be the program coordinator for both Cohorts XIV, who are now ready for employment as well as Cohort XVI who are ready to take their next educational step. With the dedication and commitment I have seen from all of them there is no doubt for me that success is in their futures."

Among  the guests present were YPI's Gloria Lazalde (director of workforce development) and Patrice Madu ( job Developer) and Eva Clayton (lead case manager).

The graduation marks the sixteenth time a group has completed CAA training at Valley College.