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Manufacturing Technologies Laboratory Update

Valley Glen - - The Manufacturing Technologies Laboraty (MTL) made its second trip to the San Antonio Boys Ranch in Chatsworth for the 28th Annual San Fernando Valley Chapter of the National Tooling and Maching Association's (NTMA) summer picnic. Although the day started out with thunder and lighting, it did not keep LAVC's Roger Arias and Cesar Crisostomo from keeping busy. Along with LAVC students Lisette Santana and Pedro Gonzalez, the MTL team engraved more than 75 customized key chains for picnic attendees. Both Lisette and Pedro are former Van Nuys High School tool and manufacturing alumni.

Top left – Roger Arias along with LAVC student Lisette Santana
Top right – Cesar Chrisostomo poses in front of a CNC machine
Bottom left – LAVC student Pedro Gonzalez
Bottom right – Cesar Chrisostomo operating a HAAS Mini Mill at the picnic
Below – The Manufacturing Technologies Laboratory