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Graduations Continue in
Metro FastTrack Program

February 2, 2007 -- One student drove to each session from Pomona, while another husband and wife team attended classes with dedication. In the end, they were among 29 excited graduates receiving certificates Friday, allowing them to move forward to guaranteed interviews with Metro for the position of bus operator.

All are expcted to attend a Metro orientation on February 26 at the Union Station facililty before returning to the Valley to start their careers.

The two-week training, termed FastTrack, included topics such as customer service, study skills, test taking and time management. Hosted by the Canoga Park WorkSource Center (CPWC), Director Paul Miller and Business Service Manager Alex Martinez spearheaded the project from recruitment to screening to training.

Job Training Director Lennie Ciufo, while praising the work of CPWC, also noted the dedication of the students. "We started with 32 and graduated 29," he reported, "a significantly high number. Of those, 27 of the 29 passed the DMV test prior to their interview dates of February 7 and 8. The other two are expected to be tested immediately after that. It's also significant that this marks the first time the graduates will move to training as a group rather than broken up into different classes.

Metro training will continue as the city continues to strive to meet the continuing demand for qualifed bus drivers.

MTA Graduating Class (click here for larger image).
Metro graduates proudly display their
certificates. Click on the picture for a larger image.