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Metro Bridge Program Continues to Graduate Up and Coming Drivers

Los Angeles - - Boasting four successful graduations in four months, Metro continues their partnership with Los Angeles Valley College Job Training and the Wilshire Metro WorkSource Center, having graduated almost 100 individuals, 90 of those who have become bus operators.

At all ceremonies, the overriding theme offered to all graduates is Metro’s support of all individuals to successfully grow and advance within the organization. The term “career success” was used multiple times in conjunction with an equally-used term, "customer service."

The graduation ceremonies are deemed an important part of each employee’s growth and have included executives from both Metro and the Community College District, including Art Leahy (CEO, Metro), Don Ott (Executive Officer, Administration, Metro), Michael Dolphin (Division Chief, Los Angeles Ventura WorkSource Centers), Michelle Caldwell (Chief Administration Services Officer, Metro), Stefan Chasnov (Deputy Executive Office, Human Resources), Lonnie Mitchell (Chief Operations Officer, Metro) Dr. Daniel LaVista (Chancellor, Los Angeles Community College District), Dr. Sue Carleo (President, Los Angeles Valley College), and Nancy Perlman (Board of Trustees, LACCD).

The Bridge program offers an alternative way of entering into employment as a bus driver with Metro. Designed to meet the transportation company's needs, it offers a unique "on-ramp" to success. Bridge training emcompasses over 70 hours of contextualized customer service skills, training for transit careers, and lifelong learning skills such as time management, study, and test taking strategies. Additionally, the classroom and field discussions include key bus preparation and DMV commercial permit rules.

More than 700 individuals have participated in the program since its inception in 2006. Of those, 511 (90%) are now employed as Metro bus operators.

Posing from left to right are Doug Middleton, Lonnie Mitchell, Michelle Caldwell,
Stefan Chasnov, Dr. Daniel LaVista, Nancy Perlman, John Roberts,
Dr. Sue Carleo, Lennie Ciufo, and Frank Alejandro.

The Graduating Classes

January Graduates

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