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LAVC Job Training Launches LA Fellows Program:
Combining Professional Development and Volunteerism
as a Meaningful Pathway to Employment
Valley Glen - - Los Angeles has one of the highest unemployment rates in the country, with thousands of highly skilled mid-manager level men and women looking for their next opportunity. At the same time, recent estimates indicate that approximately 30 percent of non-profit organizations in Los Angeles are in danger of closing their doors because of the current economic climate.

As a result of these two concerning facts, and in an effort to make a difference, Los Angeles Valley College (LAVC) Job Training recognized a need and an opportunity. They created the LA Fellows Program in partnership with Valley Industry & Commerce Association (VICA), City of Los Angeles Community Development Department (CDD), The Valley Economic Alliance, Employment Development Department (EDD), Los Angeles Community College District (LACCD), and the Los Angeles Chamber of Commerce. The fellowship was made possible through funding from the City of Los Angeles Community Development Department through the City of Los Angeles Workforce Investment Board (WIB).

The fellowship was created in an effort to combine professional development and volunteerism as a meaningful pathway to employment.  It will provide 120 unemployed individuals with skills training and volunteer opportunities while they seek full-time employment. Job Training hopes this will set the stage for the fellowship to be duplicated in other regions.

Lennie Ciufo, Job Training Director, launches the fellowship this month. “My philosophy is that the best training infuses classroom training and on-the-job training. LA Fellows will improve the skill sets of its members while creating an immediate opportunity to showcase their talents in a positive and professional setting.”

LA Fellows will be an esteemed group of motivated, hard working, enthusiastic individuals, with solid work experience, who are looking for their next opportunity. They will receive seven weeks of training at LAVC covering executive level topics including critical thinking, advanced computer skills, and how to generate effective business leads. In return, participants will volunteer their time and talents by sharing their professional expertise through meaningful project based roles, and in some cases executive duties, at local non-profit organizations. Job Training will evaluate the individual’s talents and the organization’s needs and connect them through a meaningful match.

Fellows will be selected through an application and interview process. The individuals who are accepted will make a strong commitment to complete the fellowship.

“The fellowship will be a great confidence builder for the individuals and an opportunity for them to enhance their resumes,” Ciufo said.

As a result of the pilot LA Fellows program, 120 unemployed individuals will each receive 140 hours of training over the course of seven weeks and will volunteer 100 hours. The volunteer time will be used to meet the specialized needs of the local non-profit organizations by utilizing the experience and expertise of the individuals. The fellows will acquire new skills sets, encounter countless opportunities to network with professionals, and project a marketable career candidate impression while presenting a community-focused image. The goal is for 70 percent of the participants to find full-time employment within months of completing the fellowship.

If you are interested in applying to be an LA Fellow, go to www.lafellows.org for more information and an application. If you are a non-profit interested in hosting an LA Fellow, contact LAVC Job Training Project Coordinator, Allison Deutch at 818-947-2941.