Celebrating 24 Years of Service to the Local Community!
Success Follows LA Fellows

Valley Glen - - Funded through a one-year grant by the city of Los Angeles, the LA Fellows program is helping unemployed men and women in the greater Los Angeles area find their next career opportunity through an innovative combination of skills training and volunteerism.

The third cohort of LA Fellows graduated on May 13, 2011.  Armed with skills learned during their 140 hours of training at Los Angeles Valley College, this outstanding class of 34 men and women will be donating 100 hours of their time to a nonprofit organization within their community through a meaningful volunteer match.

By providing valuable skills, enhanced professional training, and filling the gaps between employment situations with time spent serving others in a meaningful way, job seekers are empowered to tackle their job search head on, explain gaps in employment, contribute to their community, and find employment in their area of expertise or perhaps within the nonprofit organization where they will donate their newly refined skills. 

Some LA Fellows have already met with success. After securing employment with a national nonprofit health agency dedicated to helping children and adults with disabilities to attain greater independence, Kenneth Strong (cohort two) spoke enthusiastically about his LA Fellows experience. “I can genuinely say the material you learn stays with you. I had a better and more focused job search approach than I had before I entered LA Fellows. The program is many things, but for me, it best provided direction.”

Recent graduate Natalie Ryan (cohort three) echoed her appreciation for the LA Fellows experience by saying, “The program allows participants to develop confidence and a deep knowledge of their worth and abilities.”

Cohort three joins the esteemed ranks of the 60 LA Fellows who have already graduated.  The fourth cohort started training on June 6 and is proving to be another successful group of individuals.

At this time, the LA Fellows program is in the process of acquiring more funding as they continue to enrich the lives of its participants.